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Date: Sunday, July 22, 2007
Time: 3:46 PM

21st July 2007
Enrolement Day 2007

Yesterday, 21st July 2007 was to be said as my most memorable day in this year. I passed my post down to the upcoming b.o.d. And it's my last time wearing this uniform. I don't i should feel sad or happy. Happy that my junior had groe up so much and time to take over the b.o.d. Sad that we are leaving them soon. I remember, long long time ago... I was a scouts that doesn't commit at all. Whenever there is scouts meeting, i will be sitting at the canteen goyang kaki and chatting all around. If I ever attend meeting, I will always be late, my uniform will always be incomplete. I remember i had wear jeans and scout's shirt to meeting. Sophie said he told kok wai, I'm leaving scouts soon. But, my senior had gave a chance. They made me join perbarisan during sports day when I'm in form 3. I guess that is when I'm really into scouts. That chance changes me. Sophie told me that I'm her miracle. From someone who is so not commited, i went into the b.o.d. and stay in scouts till now. I had to admit that i really learn alot of things. Last year campfire night, we as the organizer had bad fight among us. There are lots of misunderstanding. I had even cried during the meeting. After that, we learn to tolerate and learn that problems in scouts should never bring to friendship. This year, camp fire night I will count it as a success. Not because anything, but I saw the bond and the team work in 104th scouts. I really learn alot in scouts.

Once a scouts, Always a scouts.
I love scouting I love my junior and my fellow b.o.d member.!

Last day in this uniform.
Forgive me for being so ss.

Me and Yi Xin.

My upcoming ATL and Treasurar.

My junior, Yee Lei.

My most macho junior.
Turning into senior.
Zhong Xian.

My most cute junior.,
He is next year campfire chairperson!

My junior.
hEr sushi,,, finger-liking good.!

Form 1 junior.
cute right?

My ATL FOR 06/07.
Chuah Ke Hui.
Aih. we are leaving~

Minh Hui.
she is taking over my post as the INTERNAL AFFAIRS OFFICER.

John Quek Intensive Course

After enrolment day i went to segi college for this whatever course that cost rm360.

Okie.. ss-ing in the segi's toilet.

Break time.
We had lunch voucher to have lunch in summit mcd.
After eating when to the pool centre.
Thanks shyuan again.
Conclusion, I SUX in pool.
And ryan, u sux!@!

Farewell for the outgoing b.o.d. 2007

In Jamie's house.
Preparing to go~

The house.
when we reached,
We know we got CORN.
not sweet corn.
Just... our junior lied to us.
Not only them, Our ASM knew their plan too.
They told us we have to dress up strictly former.
we saw all of them in casual.
They said they want us to get the most attention.
Yeah, we got the attention.
when we reached.
cameras start flashing on us.

mE and Shuang.

The food was nice.
We have our personal waiter.Lol.
The service is good.
Our senior is like...
"er... why during our time you guys didn't do it like that for us?"
We are...


Game session.
Chubby BUNNY~
I look like one right?

Appreciation by the muda b.o.d.

Look like me?
They drew it!

The Muda B.O.D.
i LOVE you guys!!

I love this shirt!!
It's super nice.
you guys promised life time warranty right?

Appreciation from the troop's upcoming B.O.D.

Suprised me.

Camwhore again~ oops.

Home made cake by the troop's upcoming b.o.d!!
I love you guys..
Thanks for everything!!

End of day,
so what if we are,
I want something else.
I'm waiting~

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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