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Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Time: 10:32 PM

Panasonic, Ideas for life ;)
Morning call from Nicholas on 8.30a.m., got ready and he pick me up from my house, together with Shinyee we headed to Sunway Pyramid for the Panasonic Revolution ’09 event on 9a.m.

Reached, and met up with the other bloggers, Audrey, Pamsong, and Karen.

We were then told that 5 of us, will be participating in an photography competition and the winner will bring home a brand new Lumix G1, which cost rm2999. *jaw dropped*
All 5 of us were given a Lumix G1 camera, as we will be taking photos with it. It looks like a DSLR, but it isn’t one. However, it produces DSLR camera photo quality.
Sadly, none of us had function such camera before. Lol.

Also, we were given a hoodie look-a-like Puma sweater with other blog link sew on it. Cool, yes?

Besides, we were also given a Subway’s coupon which allows us to have sandwich of our choice as breakfast over there.

“… wear comfortable clothing and comfortable footwear as you will be moving around a lot during the photography competition….” – A message from Nicholas.

I ignored the massage complety, and I actually wore heels there.

ZOMG yea. I thought we will be moving around in only a small area. Never thought we will be RUNNING around the whole Pyramid.

I end up getting a pair of new flats.

After we are all done with our breakfast and stuff, someone from Panasonic guided us how to use the camera. It’s unexpectedly user friendly. ;)

The first thing we did after we learned how to use the camera is CAMWHORING. Haha, bloggers marr.

From top left to bottom right : Shinyee, Audrey, Pamsong, and Karen.

Photography competition started off on 12.30p.m.

We were given a list of hints which we are supposed to sort the answers out by outselves and took a photo of it in 2 hours time. & below are the photos taken by Lumix G1.
Ohyea, there’s someone following us through out the competiton. But he/she is not allowed to help us to help us to sort out the answers. He/she is only allowed to answer either YES or NO.

Top view of the three Panasonic, Ideas for Life event spot.

Then, the place that allows you to play tennis, boxing, etc…

Largest of it kinds, 150” World’s Largest Plasma Display Panel.

The miniature buildings.

Also, required to took a photo of someone skating motion.
I got this photo by asking a random guy to skate in circle in front of me. Lol. if you ever read my blog, thanks!

Then again, I randomly asked someone if she could be in my photo.
& she agreed, very kind of her. Sunway Lagoon’s view from Starbucks.

Panasonic blender, anyone? It’s only rm99, FYI. ;)

There’s one that required us to get to the makeup section in one of the Panasonic booth and took a before after photo of ourselves styling our hair.

That’s pretty challenging, as I had never use a curler before.

Simply twist and turn. A friend of mine which is working as a professional hair stylist in Snips tried to help me but he is not allowed to. So yea, the result:

The part that I dislike the most is the one that require us to get inside here and with the use of the tripod stand, set the self timer, and take a photo of you inside it.

I failed, badly.

A photo of the Lion Head.

This is taken at Sunway Hotel.
It isn’t easy to climb up there and take a 10s self timer shot. Arghh.

Latest model of it kinds, if I am not mistaken.

The toughest part is no other than looking for the IA MASCOT.
I run and chase after it, until I fell down and got a big patch of blue black on my knee and hand.

Lumix g1, I love you.

There’s one section that I missed out. Blame my phone for not receiving the Bluetooth message.
After 2 hours, the competition officially ended. I would say the competition is definitely aspiring without losing the fun in it. Running up and down around Pyramid, approaching strangers, taking photos using the brand new Lumix G1… No doubt, I enjoyed throughout the competition. ;)
The best part is that we were also brought to ZEN Sushi to have our lunch.

Bloggers will never stop taking photos no matter how tired they are, yes?

Candid by Nicholas :

smile, people.

Audrey looks so cute here. teehee.
Align Center

A more decent one of all 5 of us ;)

We were given chance to pick whichever lunch se we like from the menu.

Mouth watering, yes?

We were also served with desserts. Girl’s all time favorite.

Waffle with ice cream.

Definitely sweet.

After we filled up our stomach with scrumptious food, we got back to the panasonic booth again.
Selected and submitted our best shots, we loitered around the booth and camwhore a lot a little while waiting for the winner to be announced.

As usual, Shinyee go M.I.A.

Finally, the result is at judgment feet, all of us were invited to the stage. Everyone were so eager to know who is going to be the winner and bring home the brand new Lumix G1 camera.
Deng deng deng deng, the MC then announced the winner of the competition, which is…

Tan Tzia Tzia
PAM from tinkitalks!! Congrats! ;)

Even though the rest of us failed to win the camera home, we were given 3 big begs of goodie begs.
& the experience is surely enjoyable and unforgettable.

Thanks Panasonic.

It’s such a great weekend.

Panasonic, Ideas for life ;)

Time: 9:26 PM

nokia music express 5800
short update :

i am a happy girl.

because my final exam is officially over. woohoo!
p.s. - surprisingly, my psychology paper turns out to be not so bad. ;)

& & &,

i got myself a new baby! teehee.

nokia music express 5800.
got my garmin installed too, thanks PDA Arena. ;)


Date: Monday, April 27, 2009
Time: 2:15 PM

KL food search
sister have some history project to be completed. and one of her task is to take a photo with the historical building she is doing research on. She chose, 陳氏書院

therefore, we, daddy, mummy, sister and I went to KL on Sunday morning.
brother didn't join us, he went for his basketball.

task completed.

got caught camwhoring. real candid.

After that, we started off our eating journey,
had the infamous cheecheongfun at madras lane.

featured by 阿賢人情味, Astro AEC some time ago.

the rice noodles is very nice in terms of its texture.
but, i do hope they can give extra sauces the next time.


dad had a bowl of curry laksa noodles, with a lot of vegetables and pig skin.
delicious, he said.


Then, we went walk around the petaling streets, in search of, FOOD again.

what's famous around petaling street?

air mata kucing - my parent's favorite. it's very refreshing. I love it.
sei ngan chye roast duck - for my auntie, it's a must eat. but we didn't try it that day.
koon kee wan tan mee - wanted to try it out, but it's not open yet.

& also the ma chi sell by an old auntie.

featured by ho chak!

she let us try a big piece of ma chi.
trying finish it in a few bites. she then teased us for being too gentle.
she asked us to put the whole big piece in the mouth instead.

& asked, "does it stick to your teeth?"
and amazingly, NO.

she has been selling mo chi for more than 50 years. ;)

My heart was capture by the colorful steamed blended glutinous rice.
wanted to try the ribena favor, but mom chose the original one. ugh.

delicious candy snack pounded with peanuts, sesampe and sugar.

a old fashioned barber shop/stall.

irresistibly, i took a photo of it.
& i got shoo away, politely by the barber.

he said he is afraid that his customer will not like it.

walk around, and did a lil shopping around the shop lots.
then, dad proceeded by driving us to pudu KL. He turn into a lane full with paper and printing shops.

I were like.. ern, pa, where are we heading to actually?

"eat." he answered and stop by beside a printing shop.
"neh, the shop opposite there." he continued.

So yea, we went eating AGAIN.

restaurant yap hup kee, at off pudu, KL.
hakka yong tow foo.

variety choices of yong tow foo ready for picking.

there have the unusual salted egg yolk fried wantan,
which I have never seen it before this.


i love this chee cheong fun which topped with fried pounded dried shrimps.
though its texture is not as smooth as the one I had earlier.


suikow/dumplings stuffed with minced pork and prawns.

minimum order - RM7.00 for 5 pieces

fried yong tow foo.

After satisfying our stomach.

I headed to PJ Mcd for a revision session.
& this time, he is the one waited for me. ;)

I went for a night swim after that.
I still able to finish up 50m of butterfly*slow one*. bout 100m? ugh.

I have no more stamina. sigh.

p.s. - i have no idea why my posts are mainly on foods when it's exam period.

The day you finally decide to love me will be
the day i stop chasing you.

yours truly

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Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
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