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Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009
Time: 7:52 PM


Love me when I least deserve it,

Beacause that's when I'll really need it.


I chatted studied till 4am, and I went to bed, woke up on 11am. realizing that there's already guest at my house. Got myself changed, went to those auntie uncle, said"gong xi fatt choy", and there goes my red packets. *evil laugh*

wanted to start study, but msn distracted me, yea. *I studied really hard when I am @ mom's hometown, cause, there's no such distraction, you see*

Then, Nicholas Chay invited me over to his house * @ desa park city * since he's having open house and I suppose to study have nothing much to do at home. I dragged Adele along, and there we go. Ringo was there, kinda excited to see her, well, had been reading her blog everyday for quite some time. ;) besides her, huaibin, suanie, kyspeaks, melissa, firdauz, debra, yeehou, etc... were there too.

Gambling? it has been awhile. but it seems that luck sided me today. ;)

p/s - eventhough I am not in red undies. teehee.

yeehou, debra*she's friendly, me likey*, & me.

Things were fine, till my mom start rushing me home*cause I am attending another open house party*. & yea, due to certain reason, I end up, taking cab home alone. hell, that's my first experience. calling up taxi that keep asking me to hold on, hold on, hold on, and sat on the taxi with the driver that kept bullshitting alone. craps!

I reach home, I straight headed into my room. mood swing, all in a sudden. flooded by disappointment. out of control, tears rush out of my eyes, and yea, I cried, and I yelled at my mom. Thanks God, my mom is understanding enough. ;)

p.s. - guess I had never make my friends go home alone,
what more if it's so-called best friend.

*** edited

Got much better after talking to my mom.
Then, off to dad's friend a.k.a. my family friends' open house.

the uncles were gambling & drinking, the aunties were gossiping, the small kids were playing their children game. yea. & so, we decided to go yum cha. my childhood friend, junhaw, suggested snow flakes!

we walked there since it's just 10 minutes walking distance from my friend's place.
& Junhaw said it's a very good opportunity for me to camwhore, he would be my photographer. teehee.

night walk.

well, it's all 1/2 candid.
*updating at his house now, pictures aren't edited.* ;)

Snow flakes located @ SS15, opposite Asia Cafe, same row as Starbucks, it's at the 1st floor. It's an awesome place for Taiwan desserts. The place has a very comfortable ambiance, it's totally different from the "hustle bustle" @ asia cafe. ;) & The boss there is very nice and friendly.

snowflake - taiwanese desserts secret.

michelle lau, yours truly, & cousin-ku.

desserts there are very refreshing. not too sweet.
& the price is very reasonable. ;)

my favorite. it's sweet sour.

In conjunction with the new year,
he boss gave us this.

yum yum!

pure candid.

"candid" of my brother.

walking back,
no more energy to camwhore. lol.

p.s. - gonna burn mid-night oil today. arghh!

Date: Friday, January 30, 2009
Time: 11:14 PM


Even When Times Get Tough,
I Know I'll Never Be Empty.


I am finally back from Johor. ;)
& now, I started to miss my grandmother. wth.


I would say it's mainly all bout small kids.
I am already old.
Those kids are basically all my nieces/nephews.
& so, they call me "auntie". yea.

first of all.
gong xi fatt choy, people.

now present you, the sangat lame punya "aunties"

yerr, what you doinG? *pure candid*
ok, I join!

nothing better to do marr. yea.
betul betul lame punya "aunties".

& the young girls.

newphew-ku with attitude.

nieces & nephew.

sister of the lil angel"refer to my previous post." - Hong yu.
another cute little one.

she's just so adorable. gosh!

Hong yu's monster look, & rong yu's innocent looks.

love 'em. don't you?

mother of 2.
she's is freaking tall. 175cm, i suppose.

as I had mentioned, there's no internet line at my granny's house,
& so, i am out to my cousin's cafe everyday, and I saw "this car" everyday.

It urge me to take a photo of it. lol.

I don't mind having a car like this. ;)

also, I attended my cousin sister wedding dinner.


forgive me.
I haven't been camwhoring for awhile. ;)

short dress. what do you think?
they said I look like air-stewardess with my hair tied up like this.

another dainty cousin of mine.

dinner suppose to start @ 7pm.
we reached there on 7.30pm*malaysian timing marr*, and yet, the dinner haven't started yet.

since there's nothing better to do, we use the time, paparazzi-ing.
* we were thought since young to use time wisely, correct? * teehee.

small auntie and cousin sister.

uncle wants to join the camwhore session. ha!

mummy with her very cute smile.

sister-ku & cousin sister from taiwan.

the guys.
daddy, uncle, the cute taiwanese boy, & brother-ku.


my cousin brother that seems to know everyone there.

lil cutie from beijing.

lovable? yes.

cousin sister, mummy & the aunties.

mummy daddy and all the aunties together with their man.
* mummy got 3 sisters and 8 brothers. yea.

wondering where's the new couple?
the bride is my cousin sister, that all of us call her "mei mei jie jie" because of her beauty.

eye catching? sure do.
the gorgeous bride and the princely groom.

a photo with the bride and groom.

time for the dishes.
I rate 5/10. wasn't that good after all.

some of the dishes, I manages to take a photo of.

& this is my favorite.

yummm-seng session.

sister and 2 cousins of mine.

" I want to get married" lol.


- I gained weight.

- stupid maid stole my money. few hundreds. curse her!!

That's all bout my days at mom's hometown.

Didn't fully enjoy the CNY this year, because of the very smart UTAR that sets out final exam right after it. damm it.

came back around 8pm just now, went to Mcd to have our dinner. go home.

& chelle called up. and yea, she force asked me out for a drink.
she don't even allow me to have my shower 1st, how evil.

together with shinyee, the 3 pompuans have our java-chips session @ starbucks. drink, gossips, secrets and *secret*. teehee. I miss this 2 tucks loads. it's been awhile since the last time I hang out with this two like this.

I am loving it & craving for more.

pompuans, we should hang out more like this. ;)
& hun, things will be just fine.

p/s - UTAR postponed our marketing exam. from 3rd changed to 10th. ha! there goes my another weekend. arghh.

P.P.S. - fine cut. xD

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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