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Date: Monday, December 29, 2008
Time: 11:52 PM

depressed shyt

Sometimes you can't help but wait around for the person
not worth waiting around for.

对不起, 我想你。


I was quite... "blahblahblah"... I don't even know how to describe how I feel exactly.

Mom got crazy this morning, she was yelling and shouting.
Banned me from going out with only guys. wtf is wrong with her. I don't know.

& then,
I kena FFK twice straight today.
1st by Joe, he supposed to fetch me out for lunch. Then, he told me his mom got crazy. and yea, he couldn't make it.
he asked me to write bout his good stuff.
-he said, he is going to repay it with 2 bars of chocolates. lol

I was like, okaayyy, maybe, I can get others out.
& Shean's name ran through my mind. so, I rang him out.

got ready.

& baby chelle fetched me out.

as I mentioned, I got ffk twice.

hmm, 2nd was by Shean, I asked him out for lunch, and he said alright. when I reach strawberry field, he called, and said, he got emergency and couldn't make it.

how great, lmao.

I end up walking around Pyramid alone.
supposed to watch movie with Yat, but didn't make it, cause going out with Carmen and the rest.
So yea, sorry, Yat.

Walked around, and money flied.
I did a lil shopping again. Got myself a red and white GUESS beg, *I just realize I got in love with the combination of red and white*and some accessories.

Then, I ring up Shinyee, and ask her out for lunch on her lunch break.
KIMGARY again.

Her stupid emo face.
she was so damm fucking emo, because, she dropped her Xperia on the tar road.
and when the SOMEONE text her,
her expression straight change from =( to =).
wth weih.

Ernest came to Kimgary too.
and yea, to you people, SMOKING is bad for health.

After that, Ben came to pick me up along with Shaun and Ivan and headed to Midvalley.
Met up with kehui, chianwei and the long lost CHOW CARMEN.

Chilis for dinner.

3budi "bestest" friend.

the onced the ZE best friend.

the guys.
missed out tze huei. tsk.

Pictures of some of the foods we ordered.

Bare with the yellowness of the photos, taken by my phone camera. so yea.

After dinner. walk around.

& I got myself some red&white accessories AGAIN.

Then, mahjong at shaun's house.
I didn't join cause I can't play and was stressing over my assignments.
last minute job.

Thanks. tzeherng & melissa.
for helping me out in the printing job.

I have class tomorrow, and so I gotta wake up on 5.30am.
& now it's already 1.45am. lol. this explained why I always sleep in class.

alright, that's all for now.

nights, toodles.

tuning into Taylor Swift - LOVE STORY.

P/S - i fucking hate those people that got emo over shyts for 24/7. damm, mood spoiler.

Date: Friday, December 26, 2008
Time: 10:32 PM


simple words of yours
is enough to make the smile for the whole day.


I wore long jeans to class today. teehee.
after class, went KFC and secret recipe with Maggie.

Had, chocolate indulgence at Secret Recipe.

& then, cheesie wedges at KFC.
how many calories? you count for me. I don't want to know.

dengggg, I feel so guilty now.

Second day of period, supposed to go out with Kevin. But,
I thought I should rest at home.
Still, I ended up at Pyramid with Chianwei, Ivan & Yeewei.

A little shopping again & Sushi King with them.

I ate again, 2 sushi & 6123862368 of green teas. *chop me*

spaghetti tops is my new love.
I know have it in red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, grey & black.

After eating, Chian wei and Yee Wei continue their shopping,
and as for Ivan and me, we are too tired to walk,
and so, we went to ADD ON to have rest our feet.


my all time favorite corner in add on.

Those people there are interesting.
Exclude Dylan Chong! ngenge.

Bumped into someone, hmm.
but I ain't brave enough to talk to that someone. failure.

Night, went to Pyramid again.
- another one DKNY sold - *smile*

k, now. some random thoughts of mine,

a sweet gentleman, is define as
- one that is thoughtful enough to stand at your back when you're going up on the escalator because he said you are wearing a skirt.

- a honeyed one, that give necessary compliments that you will really appreciate it.

- a sweet one, that wipe of the food scrubs that left at the side of your mouth for you.
- a tactful one, that chose out the non-fattening food for you.
- a caring one, that fetch you home and do a u-turn for you so that your home's gate will just be at the side when you got down from the car.

- & a gentleman that do the paying job.

ok, enough of my randomness.

so yea, I went to Dragon-I with Joe for dinner. *smile*

p/s - TAN WAY SHEAN, you owe me 3 rings now!!!

p/p/s - Adidas sleek, here I come.

p/p/p/s - Thanks yeewei for the MCKY pouch! =)

Date: Thursday, December 25, 2008
Time: 1:33 AM

woozy christmas-eve

Girl, I've noticed that being with you I smile a little more often,

I anger a little less quickly.

The sun shines a little bit brighter & life is so much sweeter.


First of all,


we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas,
& a happy new year.

oh yea, I went out!!! with my red red dress. teehee.

alright. I didn't end up counting down for Christmas at home alone.
went for count down with baby michelle, joel and the rest of them at Republic, Pyramid.
* thanks kahjoe for fetching me there ;) *

Had some drink, got little tipsy and much camwhored.
I enjoyed, cause I spent my Christmas with my best friends. *loves*

Thanks, chelle. I knew you wanna go MOS.

thanks for staying at Republic with me. ILY.
& special Thanks to Joel too, for sharing Michelle with me tonight.
You are indeed a good friend.

my ten years and still counting on girlfriend, Michelle lee.

headed to republic. * shinyee left to MOS before I reach *

had tequila shots, Star long island that is said to be the best Longisland in Subang, & beers.

Star long island


" she's his so called girlfriend la... "

I only saw her back and was wondering who she is.
and all of a sudden, she turn to me... and called my name.

I recall so hard, only realize she's my primary classmate. lol.
she's now so pretty, and so, it's not surprising that I couldn't recognise her.
damm, she was once a tomboy, and now turn into a pretty young lady.

primary classmate-ku, Tham Shu Xian.

the HIM, capturing HER photo. haha.

the reds and the blue.

red, blue and green.
we have the best color combination. lol.

wenyah. jiayi. tzia. michelle.

my best babe ever. michlee.

you are my addiction, girl.
"Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable."

i kissed a girl
I hope her boyfriend don't mind it.

credits to joel. ;)

my 2nd girlfriend, joel ang yew jin.

It had been awhile,
and I am supposed to ffk you today.

but, hell, I had been the light bulb of both of them for the whole night.
though I know the couple try their best not to make me feel so.

i appreciate what you people did. and i love both of you...

michlee and joel

honeyed. aww.

tze tsyuan. I hope i spelled your name correctly.

long lost friend, tze haur is back from aussie. hee.

& some unknown friends.

Republic yo.
not so packed, and most importantly, I enjoyed.

oh yea, I got tipsy.
sober. lol.
but, I ain't drunk. *smile*

Thanks people, for sending me comments/messages when I thought I gonna be alone. =0
I truly appreciate those lots.

p/s - merry christmas AGAIN.

nights, toodles...


Morning.... 25.12.2008

went Christmas shopping with the family.
got 2 dresses, tops, shorts and a pair of jeans.
- nothing sexy this time, trying out something different - =)
shopping is so my hobby. thanks mom. *loves*

Spotted a pair of RED Adidas.
I'll get it, soon!! teehee.

Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Time: 10:16 AM

lonely christmas

It'll be lonely this Christmas
Without you to hold
It'll be lonely this Christmas
Lonely and cold
It'll be cold, so cold, without you to hold
This Christmas.


I realize I am one that drop my tears much more easier than being excited/happy over things.
I don't know what make me so. So emotional.

* I am in class now *
Lecturer was showing us some funny advertisement. Everyone laugh like some mad people, but, it brings no effect to me.


I was watching a Japanese drama, NodaMe Cantabile, and I actually cried when the those people in the scene cried.
It suppose to be a comedy, yet it jerk out my tears. wtf.
K, overall, it's a sweet touching musical comedy.
I would rate 8/10. It's super awesome when they spin their musical instruments without going out of tune in the orchestral. Effin cool. *melts*

It make me thought of the little cellist I saw at MPYO.

My favorite scene.sweetness.

Then, I read a book entitled 月老 by 九把刀。

It's bout a man that got struck by thunder and dead when he is proposing to his fiancee. It suppose to be a sweet surprise propose but it ended up being such a sad tragedy.

The story continue by him turn into a cupid, and his purpose is to end his own relationship with his fiancee, and get his fiancee a new guy.






at this point, I start turning on my waterworks. wtf.

Story didn't end by him getting his fiancee another guy. He was dead, but he turns to be visible to his fiancee, somehow. they naively thought that they would be able to continue they love story though they clearly know that they are now people from different world.

Of course, they didn't get the approval for doing so.

He thought maybe after his fiancee died, they will meet again in another world.
Yet, the angel of death gives out an order that his fiancee to be reborn right after her death to stop them from being together. and she will died in 3 days time. As a conclusion, they are force to be separated.


after many hard works, he manages to save his fiancee from dying and got her another guy.



「你有病啊!嗚 ~~為什麼要把我送給別人~~~」小咪憤怒又傷心。




But, they made a promise before they were seperated.
He promise that they will get married, 700 years later.






你相信 一万年也不会改变的爱情吗?黑人牙膏和小咪的爱情故事很感人,


为了对方,愿意等待700年-- 255 500 天 ....


& now, some pics taken few days ago with my classmates.

- secret recipe. and i have to declare that * I HATE BROWNIES *
- skipped web page tutorial.
- imagining how will Mr. heng look when he saw there's less than ten students in the class.
* he's kinda plump, and it's funny to imagine him holding his chin with a miserable look. lol. *

they did this,

because we did this. teehee.

thanks mummy for my straight teeth.

me = photo spoiler.
supposed to be an emo pic. lol.

a normal one.

& the acting cool one.

*smile smile*

p/s - I going to be alone this Christmas eve, counting down alone. how sad.


p/p/s - Ikea with mummy tomorrow?


yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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