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Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009
Time: 1:31 AM


yes, thanks to nuffnang, I got my own domain.

see you there.

I will no longer be blogging @ tziaaa.blogspot.com.

check out all my new posts @ TZIAAA.COM

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Time: 4:02 PM


it seems like it's just yesterday when I got so excited as holiday is just one week ahead. come back to the reality, it's ending, in one or two weeks time. well, holidays just have to come to the end. *big big sigh*

& the big thing is, I will be leaving subang and go to Kampar to continue my degree course. craps!

what I did during this holiday?

communicating with family and have a great time with them, photoshoot sessions with awesome photographers, non-stop yum cha sessions, working on my wordpress, events, shopping... & yea, stoning session.

went out twice with my so called best friend, and yea, with her boyfriend along. Nothing much except for stoning session. i know, she made effort to make me not left out, but yea, I still do. worst come to worst, I kept going out with 2 pairs of couple in a time, which make the outings a complete stoning session.

1st time, I ran away by calling up my friend to fetch me out for yumcha session.
2nd time, adele & jiashin rescued me. yea.

after that, I didn't go out with them anymore. It's extremely arkward, couples flirting beside you, and all you could do is stone. You couldn't say anything, because they are your best friends. It's somehow the first time, i felt so dejected.

I hardly able to talk to them. It's like, when I talk, their boyfriends will shut up.
Till i shut up, they will only start talking. That's when i truly understand what a "light bulb" is.

gossips? girls talk? never.
What more when I really wish to have a talk with them, it's just so close to impossible.
in my dream, maybe.

I gave up, lovey-dovey outings, i should never be included anymore. boyfriend always come 1st, I know YOU well enough. ever since the last time. hmmm. Yes, it's disheartening. &, you know i am selfish. my bad. ugh.

Well, I then started going out with single ladies in the town instead, adele & melissa.
gossips & girls talk as usual. they even took my LOKLOK virginity. lol.

yea, went out quite often with this two ladies these days.
yumcha, gossips, desserts, loklok session, and pasar malam. & I enjoyed.

Forgotten to bring my camera out, so yea,
those without watermarks were take using my lousy nokia 5800 phone camera.

1st night, yumcha @ old town, taipan.

then, my 1st ever lok lok session.
followed by "tong-sui" session.
sweet stuff, me likey.
Adele the lame ass queen, never failed to make me laugh.
you will never know I was so freaking emo, over so many stuff, & you just make me laugh. thanks.

oh yea, thanks, Melissa.
She is kind enough to drive us all around with her pretty swift. ;)

The next day, Ah tong told melissa that chaoyang/ss2 got pasar malam.

and so, the three of us, melissa, adele & me, excited went down to PJ.
Adele suffered a lot in the car, cause she has to pee, but, ha, no stop for her. We even tortured her by lower the air-cond temp, make her laugh and tickle her. Gone case, she start jumping in the car, yes, jumping & yelling for help.

camwhore. still.
but, adele lost her skill.

a better one, perhaps.
but someone want her face to be mosaic.

Finally, reached ss2, dropped adele at some mamak's toilet.
Waited till she's done, we headed to pasar malam.

& HA! No pasar malam. craps. CURSE ah tong!
Drove all the way back to Subang again, because we know that there's a pasar malam behind 3k.

3k pasar malam.

lok lok again, shyt, I got addicted.
but ugh, this lok lok is not nice!
fried food.

ok now,
jin long pau or dai gao min?

Melissa and I call it jin long pau all the while,
but that stubborn adele insist it's call dai gao min.

herbal tea, my favorite.

cakes & tarts.

I bought the green & yellow lil tarts home,because,
it's way too cute, couldn't resist.

after that, yumcha with those two again, @ old taste, ss15.

& as for today, I went night swim with jiashin and adele @ saujana club house, will update tomorrow.
stay tune.

p.s. - he went back to his hometown. ugh, i wonder when will I be seeing him again. *sigh*

I miss those moments we 3 used to have.

Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Time: 10:36 PM










Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009
Time: 11:51 PM

Happy mother's day

flowers, card & a lil present for the best mother.
thanks mom, just, thanks for everything.

card making process :

together with my baby sister we completed this cute card.
a unique family tree and appreciations wrote in traditional chinese. ;)


yes, 母親節快樂,媽

Woke up 7 in the morning on mother's day, then headed to Seremban to visit my grandmother together with parent and sister.
Brother didn't join us because he has to go for tuition. how sad? tution on mother's day.

my grandmother with her all-white hair.

Daddy bring her out for breakfast.
Went to a stall which is famous for their finger licking good fish porridge.

also, featured in ho chak!

the fish is fresh, and the porridge is subtly tasty.

fish porridge + steamed fish = rm54.
I think it's quite a reasonable price, as it's really satisfying.

There's also a stall selling home made soups.
I rate it 7.5/10, it's rm3 per bowl.


that place is said to be famous with their wantanmee too.
everyone seems to love it, except for me.

It's just ok for me.

great price, no?

lil niece of mine, I am surprise on how much she loves fish.

auntie with my nieces and newphew.

a photo of my parent, ok, mom is not ready.

i asked my dad to pose with the peace sign again, but he refuse too.
he gave me this @#$%&*! face in return. yea.

After breakfast, we fetched them home and chilled awhile over there.
Left and reached home on late noon, rest a lil, then we were out again for mother's day dinner.

buffet dinner @ sheraton hotel.

variety of fresh seafood.

sibling's favorite.

tempting lines of desserts. my favorite.
I especially love the warm chocolate cake. yumm!


also, some other main course foods, local delights, and cold dishes were served.
However, I still find it lack selections in compare to the last time I visit.
Even the taste wise, I am also not really satisfied. Ugh, desserts is the only attraction to me.

my brother who is crazily in love now.
looking at him non stop smsing, make me thought of the past me. yea.

daddy mummy.

do you parents hold hands when they are walking?
my parent do. ;)

Sister and me got out stomach filled quite fast. Headed to the washroom after that.
It has been quite awhile since the last time I camwhore with this baby sister of mine.

so yea, bare with me. ;)

& once again, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, ma.
I love you. & hope that you enjoyed your day, ;)

with love..

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009
Time: 3:40 PM

LG blog launch party

so yea, I attended lg blog launch yesterday.
the theme of the launch party is angelic white and devilish red.

&, I went as an angel.
with halo and wings.

It's held at Metropol Bar, KL.

the place is well decorated with balloons.

a photo of me with the LG backdrop.

I went there with adele, the lame ass devil.

and also the angelic monwei.

thanks Howard, for the ride there.

a group photo of 4 of us.

the 1st camwhore kaki I met, zoey .

devil with giraffe horn ears.
isn't that cute enough?

LG, life's good.
photo courtesy to Howard.

We were the early birds, the event starts on 8p.m., but we reached there by 7.30p.m.
There's not much people, and so, we, the girls decided to loiter in the washroom.

mirror is always girls' bestfriend. ;)
it helps to ensure my fat face is captured.

Went back to the venue, saw someone with his face painted red.
I was like, "whuaao, who's that weih?!"

I looked at him, and he gave me a smile. I stoned.
I ask Adele whether I know him, later on, found out that he's actually jovi.

red devil.

Then, I bang into Nicholas.

He's in white but black devil horn.
confused angel/devil, perhaps.

the most charming male angel of the night, Robb.

Zues, the good looking dude,
he should have dress up.

Finger food served before the event officially starts.
sushi, cupcakes, grill cheese scallop?

mini cupcakes, me likey.

angel got to eat too.

Jacthe olym-biatch.

credits to howard.

After awhile, it's time for the official launching for Lg Blog.
I did not get to capture any photos. why?

that place is crowded with photographers with banyak canggih punya dslr,
all i could get is the head of LG managing director, TY. Ko when he's giving speech. ugh.


carol with her born-to-be angelic face.

from her blog, I got to know that she actually tailored part of her costume herself.

sexy devils shacking their asses off in a dancing competition.
uh, I learned that devil can dance really well.

Simon the devil/shrek too, was shacking his ass.
but sadly, the ladies out stand him.

Then, chilled around and met plenty of bloggers which dressed up so nicely.
also, enjoyed the free flow alcohol. ;)


I wanted to go as an devil initially,
& I "almost" get the same dress as the one she was wearing. ;)

a very sweet girl that I actually forgotten her name.
ugh, my bad. if you ever read this, drop me a comment yea. ;)

Hitomi, yennie doll, yours truly, together with greg.

horn on neck uh, cool! lol.

also. Jonathan with two glasses of liqour on hand. ha.

my guest, the "fucked up" devil, Cassidy.
looking good, especially with the red contact lens.

my not-so-evil devil, Jiaseng.
blur photo. because that person who took this is almost drunk.

drunk-tart Micheal, and the very cute leehom Kit.

the ladies, adele, Bell, & me together with sexy DJ, Serena C.

The crowd.

eh, see what Yatz is looking at..... hmmm.

The event continue with the best-dressed competition.

Where the purest angel, and the most wicked devil will be walking away with a 32'' Full HD LCD Tv!

Also, the Confused Angel and the Out of Place Devil will be bringing home an Lg phone. awesome eh?

Not much photos were captured, because...

- too many pro photographers with dslr in front of me
and, I was nominated. yea, surprisingly.

I only got one photo of the normitor, which is, Robb.

k now, look at my cute until cannot go punya face. craps.
credits to jiaseng.

& the thing is, I did not win.

winner of the purest angel, the beautiful Kim.

& the sesat sizzling hot devil who went M.I.A when she is called up to stage.
yes, she's Tey Cindy.

& her friend, another hot stuff.
I wish I have those cuts when I am in cheongsum.

yes, dream on, tzia.

this one is the best la I tell you,
because.. till now I don't know who he is. yes, wtf.

& the most wicked devil goes to,
Redmummy, she's so freaking red till I couldn't recognize her when I first saw her.

she surely deserve the title.

pink pork chop who doesn't want to look like her brother.
ha, cute one.

Little cicak, who finally said hie to me, after so long.

dustyhawk, no free hugs?

angel Jamie, gorgeous as usual.

As you people know devils and angels are always enemy.
so yea, as expected, there's a conflict between the angel and devil on the night.

once upon a time, they slapped each other.

but luckily, slowly the devil got influenced by the angel,
and start blowing kisses to human beings.

in the end, conflict solved,
& they became the best friend and live happy ever after.

the end.
lame. I know.

Last but not least, closed up camwhore shots of the night.

I look like a sober, and he's freaking happy.
what's wrong?

& this is the reason why I love dslr.
photography credits to howard, again.

I left early due to the curfew set by my parents, yea.
went yumcha with Cassidy, the he fetched me home. ;)

oh yea, nice meeting you, Cassidy.

I love being an angel, and I definitely had fun that night.
how bout you?


yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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