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Date: Friday, August 29, 2008
Time: 7:49 PM

The craziest moment in my whole life.
I had never expect myself to do this in UTAR.
I hated UTAR so much in the beginning, after 3 months, I start to find the fun inside there, and..
I STARTED TO LOVE TB1. I just love my class la.

Few days ago, FAN and I started coming out all sort of dress code plan. We both are the youngest in TB1 but we are said to be the most "guai lan" one. lol. We came out with all sorts of weird ideas. and in the end, we decided to dress up like a NERD on our LAST DAY.

last day of SEM 1.
last day being in a class with jeff, alvin, munyee, houyen and ernst. =(

I wasn't really in the mood today due to all sorts of unhappy and unexpected stuff that happened all in a sudden. I was feeling sorrow.
But thanks God I have got a bunch of wonderfully awesome classmate.
They had made me laugh my ass off.

Tonnes of photo, but I chosen some to be uploaded.
some classic one of course.

Not a too harsh one for the start.

I wore a cartoon T. (it's from MCKY okie)
A high to waist Bermudas.
Pulled up socks.
A full frame spec.

My parents stunt when they saw me walking out the house with this dressing.
They were like.. " what the tut happened to her?"
I smile to them without saying a words *keeping them in wonder is better though"

Some people couldn't recognize me.
* I had never wear specs to class *
They walked pass me... then, they turned back..
" Ei.. Tzia?"

I don't know why my expression is like that.

my cute friends.

we both have chubby cheeks.

the girl with thousand admirers - Lissa.

okie now. let's be prepared for the worst before you screw down.









I couldn't even recognize him with he walk in weih.

They said we are the CLASSIC nerd.

typical nerds.

insane moment of these two.
Jeff and Fan.

typical nerdy unattractive pose.

hehehehehe. Nerd laugh like this.
I walked out to PD with Fan.
We caught all the attentions. Felt kinda embarrassing.
But well, isn't that what we want? Be optimistic. We are success, we caught others attention. lol.

Vingent had sacrifice a lot today. He made himself a nerd by doing the side parting which we though he would never do it. * He loves his hair a lot*
Sadly his dream girl walked pass him today when He was being a nerd. haha.

Ying, FAN, me & Vingent.

nerdy fashion.

Okie. a normal one with the girls in my class.
sweet one =)

alvin, qing yee and Grace.
They came in later.
But, they had cooperated really well. haha.
A great laugh on the moment they stepped in.

our principle?

our class rep.

We were all insane.

All the other classes were discombobulation. All their eyes were stick on us.
and we knew we had succeed.
Thanks people, thanks for cooperating so well.
It made our last day a memorable day.

Miss melissa with us.

We changed before attending Miss Lilian's class.
I don't want to leave such a image on the last day with us as she is retiring.
She call me "MODEL" *lol*, I would rather she call me that then calling me a NERD. haha.

Miss Lilian.
We loves you a lot.
I know all of us really do.

She brought this for us.

Miss Lilian, our beloved lecturer is retiring, 5 our classmates will be leaving.
It is instead a dismal day after all.


Yet, I am feeling sad. I am not very close to them. But I guess I am use to have them around.
Jeff and Alvin always the most active one in class, they are responsible to keep the class alive.
They both are also one of our best speaker in TB1. hmmm.
Munyee, I am so gonna miss her Indian slang. sigh.
I have to admit, I am a very emotional person, I dropped my tears when I saw Alvin's video.

Alvin's video.

& the TB1's Galleria D' Arte video by Kahkiat. A video that really amazed me.

We had created a strong bond between us after 3 months.
And now, those people are separating us. sigh.

Joshua had a talk with Mr.Wesley, our president of Foundation.
finally... the conclusion is 25 per tutorial group. swap all u want.
But he said :"no matter wat happens, how we swap, it will never be the same. so... gotta live with it." and I personally think it's true.

--- 最后的疼爱是手放开?

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008
Time: 7:34 PM





Was a happy day, but I heard something really hurtful that had somehow bring me down. I am not going to mention about that. Just, we should always expect for the unexpected. Hmmm. Let's go to something fun that happened today. xD

I love my class. I love TB1.

Part one - Nerdy Jeff.

We had planned to dress up again tomorrow. And this time all of us are suppose to dress up like a nerd. & Nerd is defined as a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.

characteristic of a typical nerd.
full frame spec, rabbit teeth, fully buttoned-up top, high waist pants, big beg.. etc.

Did I mentioned that my class got lots of talented actors?
Let's see.

nerdy jeff got caught by two bullies.
and got threatened.

Jeff passed them all the money he has.
But the bullies think it's too little, and throw it back on Nerdy Jeff's face.


and the end.
Miss Sharon saw the whole scene.

Miss Sharon :" What was that for??!"
Us :" Nothing, just for fun =) "
Miss Sharon : =.="
She is just so cute!

With these jokers in my class, we will be entertain 24/7.

Part 2 - Rapist Fan

Vingent said Fan "CHICKEN RAPE" him.
lol. What he actually means is that he got sodomized.

Part 3 - BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for Meiqi, Grace, Kai, & Mei Sze.

We bought a chocolate cake from secret recipe and a few bottle of champagne for the celebration.

We sang birthday song for the 4 of the them.
Besides Meisze, the other 3 of them basically enjoyed.

the cake.

from left - Meisze, kai, grace & Meiqi.

Opening champagne.

Uncle Gavin screamed in pain all in a sudden.
The plastic cork actually hit on his cock.

me preparing drinks.

with the birthday boy and girls.

grace and munyee.

they are so effin sweet.
Model couple weih.

Our mama, Mei qi and us, her rebellious sons and daughters.

the lenglui in my class.

& the cute one, baobao.


the photographer of TB1, yee wen,

miss melissa was shocked when he saw jeff dressed up like a nerd.

After understanding the whole thing,
she agreed to take a photo with him.
we like her!

A group photo for TB1. all in white.

but sadly, this might be the last photo with all of us in it.

because UTAR had made some unreasonable decision. sigh.

Part 5 - Procrastinating letter

"First, TB1 became 'dismantled' because 5 from our class are randomly selected to enter the newly-formed TB6 ................................... If you want only 25 students in a class then why don't you do that since the beginning? And now you're making all the fuss trying to separate us. I don't think it is fair for us (as students who actually paid to enroll in UTAR, although not as much as Sunway,Taylor etc...) to suffer the consequences of your poor management." - Meiqi's blog

For more info.
  • Mei Qi's blog

  • My classmates are so ADORABLE!
    *excepts for a few la*
    They coloured up my life in UTAR. thanks.
    Therefore, I seriously don't want to part with any of them.
    TB6? nOWAY!

    Oh yea. Final is around the corner. But I am currently addicted to VIWAWA- big 2.5.
    I had been playing it like nobody else business for continuously 7 hours yesterday. sigh.

    bleeding love - leona lewis
    keep keep bleeding? so true.

    yours truly

    Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
    Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
    An attest chocoloate indulger.
    & a typical pink lover.
    A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
    Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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