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Date: Monday, December 31, 2007
Time: 12:09 AM

cute people leaving add on

I love my job.
I'm dead serious.
People there are nice.
& noone will stops me from camwhoring =)
& I can try out all the clothes there.

But well.
Those nice people are leaving on 31st.
Jia Yang, Yiin Liing, Poh Seng, Miki..
Bye bye lu..
Aiks.. i have lots of fun with them.
Jia yang.. the best among all.
Yiin Liing, my camwhore partner.
Pohseng, I have no comment though.
But well.. This fellow bring lots of fun.
Miki, protect me from being bully. LMAO.


Some pic taken in cousin's house yesterday.
I love baby!
I mean baby that won't cry easily.

Yiin Lynn =)

The A.S., mei yan =)

Jia yang!!

One cute shot!

& Lastly,
Boyfriend I love you. =)
Trust me, Love me & Pamper me.

Date: Friday, December 28, 2007
Time: 11:06 PM

another work day
Went to work early today.
Nic came over. & spent him donuts.
He said it's addictive * i knew it*
Lol. & He said he look skinny. * LMAO*
But from the way he said,
he means last time I look better. wtf.
I got plenty of time. and so I went to nichii and got my self a top.
* of course there's pictures * LOL.

top from Nichii =)
I'm loving it.

camwhore do happen during work time.
Here go the prove =)

Abel came visit.
and so he got included =)


My supervisor went home early today.
And so.
Me & Lynn went to tried the clothes in the shop.
and the other supervisor* who is much better than the other one* gives us comment.
This balck top.
she said is nice on me and asked me get one.

comment please.
* i am currently broke*

I'm not ignoring you!
just... i am seriously out of credit!

Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Time: 9:17 PM

new hair

Went to superstyle to cut my hair.
New hair!
lol.. a little bob.
the hairstylist style it for me.
He said my previous hairstyle sux. hmmm.
It's two layer.
upper part is shorter. while the lower part is longer. =)
well.. i like this hair style.

relationship is complicated. sigh.

Date: Tuesday, December 25, 2007
Time: 9:06 PM

lonely christmas

It's Christmas!!

lonely christmas though..

supervisor knew that i knew she talk bad bout me.
And she is denying it hard now.
And cursing that guy who told me about it.
She is nice today. I have no idea why.
Weird People.

I going for a hair cut tomorrow with friend.
Hmmm. hope it will turn out nice.
& I had j.co donuts today.
sweet, it melts my heart!

Another outlet supervisor said I am different from other girls of my age.
He said I look better. *lmao*
because.. I don't wear those spider nets socks and stuff.
* see... I told you guys I'm not a lala *

My boyfriend is letting me go. sigh.
My fault. I know. =(
I have nothing to say about it now.
but well, I still love him.
but.. I keep hurting him. WTF i know.

Time: 12:17 AM

Merry Christmas
had been one month one week and one day me & him being together.
and it's Christmas!!
But i am spending this Christmas alone. wth.
his fault for not planning anything. hmm.
I had not really talk to him for the pass few days.
main reason i had some feeling for a cute guy at my work place.
who I don't know how he somehow attracted me.
just.. i have some special feeling towards him.
That's why i call myself a bitch.
however, i realize my stupid boyfriend that is the one always there for me
& the one who care for me the most all the time.
Forgive me for being bad.
Forgive me for not behaving myself.
I promise there's no second time and I know you are still the one I love.
just give me some time to settle down everything now.
I'm sorry for everything.
Just... give me some time.
I promise to stick with you =)
Cause I know I still love you alot!
Trust me =)

And about my work.
of course it's fun with someone cute there.
But... one of my supervisor is fucking weird.
She had been bitching bout me.
There's a guy who talk to me on the phone till 5am.
When she somehow knows about it,
she went to talk to guy.
she told that guy not to fall for me.
she said if fall for me is choosing to die.
and said I'm fucking cheap cause I mix around with all guys.
She jealous or what.
shit hell, guy come talk to me.
she stare at me.
Before she bitch about me,
i shall ask her to think about herself.
keep touching guys damm good huh??
that's what a old lady like her doing..
So old still act like a small kid.
fucking naive.
*worst than me by million times lo*
Luckily that guy ignore her,
cause he know me well.
& Luckily she is going away on 31st this month.
ThAt guy too. well.
To be honest I will miss him lots.

Merry Christmas people!!

Date: Sunday, December 23, 2007
Time: 11:10 PM

i am a bitch
I'm a bitch.
slap me.

Things go really wrong this time.
what da hell am i thinking!!
things shouldn't be like that!!!!

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Time: 10:51 PM

2nd work day

My new uniform
limited edition of MCKY =0

Customers from aussie..

Seng, Yong & My toy!
Nice huh.
I don't know what's tat call.
But since it's nice so i brought one aLSO =)

He didn't spike his hair.
Staying away from camera. lmao.

A better pic=)
we got the couple uniform. *wth* lmao =0


Date: Monday, December 17, 2007
Time: 8:10 PM

new job, 1st month anniversary

First day at work today.
my shop's name is add on.
i LOVE the peoples there.
There's an asst. supervisor who is damm kind.
A Girl who dress like a guy.
Name Joe.
& there's sweet girl.
Name Lin.
There's also a guy who is damm cute.
I like to mix with him though.
name Seng.
*wth forget about boyfren*
Last but not least another guy who talk less.
But.. well... he is cute too.
erm. He asked why i keep smiling.
Hard to answer huh?
takkan i keep crying. =)
anyway. he's Yong.

Work there, i got my freedom.
I can use the phone anytime.
I can chit chat.
I got nice friends.
I got nice uniform.

On yeah..
that shirt in my pic is my uniform.
It's a new arrival if not mistaken.
I can choose my uniform.
only pay half price =)
cool huh..

Thanks boyfren!!
Happy 1st month anniversary!!
you aren't with me now. =(
But still,
darling. I love you to bits!
missing you =)

Date: Sunday, December 16, 2007
Time: 10:34 PM

Happy birthday mum!

Mummy birthday!!

Happy Birthday MUM!!

i LOVE you.

best mum ever * hearts *
* going out for dinner *

I will start work tomorrow at 10am.
I don't know the shop name exactly.
Just know is at LG1,
same row with the starbucks at new wing.
selling adidas & mickey product.
Good luck for me on my new job =)
* i saw cute guys there*

Time: 10:25 PM

mum birthday part 2
We had dinner at a seafood restaurant
instead of marche on mum's birthday =)
After dinner,
we went to big apple donuts to get DONUTS!!!
Look at the queue..

Chritsmas Christmas =)
Pictures is damm blur so i edited it
& became like this.

I love my mum & sister smile.

random pic =)

My brother look cute at times.

My dad!
I love him too.
seldom have pic with him huh.

Once again!!

Happy Birthday Mum!!!!

You are the best!!
I love you.
& I love my family.

Date: Saturday, December 15, 2007
Time: 5:16 PM

christmas mood on
Christmas mood =)

some pictures with shinyee @ pyramid.

Not suppose to laugh.

suppose to be this way. lol.

Went parade with mummy today.
saw this top at tribal spirit.
I love it.
mum brought it for me.

Tomorrow my mum's birthday.
I haven get anything for her.
omg I know.
But.. fuckin broke now.
Tomorrow only do something la.

boyfren wasn't with me for 3 days already =(
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