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Date: Sunday, November 30, 2008
Time: 9:26 PM

we'll be there

You'd better be careful what you say to her, because it might turn around on you.
You'd better be careful what you do to her because somebody will definitely do it to you

That's what we call KARMA. ;)


I cried, just now. felt so useless.

Whenever I am down, she will be right beside me.

Whenever I cried, she will lend me a shoulder.
Whenever I got down, she will crack out lame jokes to make me laugh.

Whenever I need her, she will try her best to rush to my place.

and now, she got cheated by a bastard, & I can do nothing much for her.

sorry, girl.

I was turning around on the bed for the whole night,
thought of how I ask her to take the risk and have faith for him,


I feel so damm guilty now!! seriously.

Non of my business I know,
but I just couldn't bare to see my best friend got cheated and do nothing.
and so, I text him.


I told del to put faith in you. yet, you treated her this way. bastard, you're bound to get yourself burn one day.

he replied.

you don't bullshit please. you care bout yourself first please. go be an AV model. I guess its better for you. Don't piss me off.


thanks for your concern. you " TAKE CARE"

I guess I have it's no point to argue with this type of people.

N-O P-O-I-N-T.

AV model? sorry, I am not that cheap and low class like you.
I am proud to have my own asset.
unlike you, trying so hard to show how cheap you are. kissing and hugging other girls without concerning how she gonna feel. YICKSSSS!!!! seriously, take care.

this is what happened....
*part of jiashin's blog.*
jiashin went madigras with adele.
JiaShin: Can I talk to you for a second? (nicely)
Him : WHAT. Talk la. (rude and arrogant, continue hugging the girl)
JiaShin : I wanna talk to you alone.
Him : Bout what?!
JiaShin: About your new girlfriend.
Him : (Turns around) SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!
JiaShin : Do you think what you are doing now is right? (calmly)
Him : SO??
JiaShin : I was right about you since I first saw you. (disappointed)
JiaShin : (Getting angry because I was talking to him nicely, and he kept yelling at me unreasonably) You are making yourself look cheap!
Him : Do you think I care how you think of me??!!!
JiaShin: (From disappointment, to anger) You are messing with the wrong chick man!! ( LOL, i know, lame! Anger has gotten over my emotion that's why)
Him : (Macam orang gila) WHAT!? WATCH YOUR MOUTH I TELL YOU. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO ME?!!! HAR?!! WHAT CAN YOU DO TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE????! (Walking towards me, and people pulled him away*)


& as for me, i would say,


girls, please do feel lucky for not meeting him.

if you ever meet him. God bless you.

p/s - thanks for all my friends out there. your concern mean a lot to me. I love you people. =)

Date: Friday, November 28, 2008
Time: 11:46 PM


The wonder of it all is that you just didn't realize how much
I loved you.


Went to secret recipe with classmates after class today.
had American brownies. I love sweet stuff, I believe it could sweetened up my life.

Joshua fetch us, as in me, Maggie and Emily to Asia Jaya bus stop after that.
I was finding opportunity to scream this few days, & I got it all out in Joshua's car.
I kept disturbing Vinz who is sitting beside me, pinching & scratching him. He then hold my hand and I couldn't move at all. I tried to bite, I tried to scratch, I want to take my pepper spray out, but all failed. If he were a rapper, I am gone. serious shyt. and this is when I got to scream it all out. feel so comfortable after screaming. teehee, I am insane, I knew it.

Maggie and Emily were waiting for bus to go back to Klang,
while I was waiting for teng han to come pick me up.

camwhore a lil at the bus stop.
what caption should I put?

"first visit to the bus stop" perhaps.

Both of them went off 1st, awhile later, Tenghan reached.
He was kind enough to come all the way from Suband to PJ just to pick me up. =)

Headed to his house with zhang bin. we will be having home-made lunch at his house today.
yea, home-made lunch, we are going to make sandwich yo!

mr. T.

Went to the mart to get some stock.
mayonnese, juices, tuna....
Zhang bin went home to get cheese and juices.
& Waichun came with eggs and tomatoes.

Waichun went to fetch shinz up when the clock struck 1pm.

pompuans smashing up eggs.

smashed eggs + mayoneese.

never forget to camwhore eventhough we are in the busy kitchen.

tengok la eye bag ku.

however, we are much much more better thab "someone".
at least, we really do helped.
not like "someone", konon-nya helping.

that "someone" was actually just looking before he realize we are taking photo.
tsk tsk.

the truly hardworking one. ;)

Shinyee go back to work after that.
me and the other three guys stay at home and rot.

I just love SPORES. awesome game.
Waichun said it was damm childish, yet, he got addicted after trying.

the 3 machos.
thanks for being my friend. =)
so nice to have you people around these few days.

good friend. teehee.

I am too heavy,
& tenghan almost died.

tuning to Oliva - love fool

...Lately I have desperately pondered Spent my nights awake an I wonder
What I could have done in another way To make you stay

Time: 7:29 AM

i dreamt about you
I never thought you'd hurt me, but I guess you live and learn,
always remember:
Never waste new tears on old griefs.


Baby Chelle's tag :

The rules to fill this are:
1) You own a blog where you're gonna post this to,
2) You currently feel bored,
3) You won't skip any question,
4) You're alive (doh!), and
5) You're gonna send this to 5 friends to fill these up.

Firstly, describe the current you in 5 words:
i want to SCREAM

5 things you love about life
Family's love.
Friends' support.
Gratifying foods.
Life Challenges which eventually gain your experience.
Life cycle : born, live & die. so, live life to the max. ;)

5 famous person you'd love to meet
Leah Dizon
Jay Chou

5 movies you love
House of Bunny
Mardagasca 2
Flight of the living dead *somehow*
5 professions you'd love to have
PR Person

5 best authors

5 inspirations

5 favorite stuff
My phone
My laptop
My pink room
Pink pigs

5 things you hate
In the dark
Being alone
5 favorite places
Wherever, as long I am with my gf-s
& home,My pink room

5 girls/guys you are currently liking
Michelle Lee Tzuann Ee
Lim Shin Yee
Adele Chow Chiau Min
Jolin Yeo Mon Wei
Chuah Ke Hui

5 favorite people to chat with
Adele Chow
Lim Shin Yee
Michelle Lee
Yeo Mon Wei

5 things you wanna improve more about yorself
More Understanding.
How to communicate with people. *wtf*
Reduce the fats in body-ku.
To be a better friend.
Able to express better.

5 things you would take to a deserted island
my soft-toys
my bed!

5 places you wanna visit
Hong Kong

5 things you really want
Family, like duh..
A sweet boyfriend ;)
Good results

5 songs make you cry most
You were my everything - Aviation
Going crazy - Natalie
痴心绝对- 李圣杰
最近 - 李圣杰
爱不起 - 林峰

5 most fashionable friends according to you
Jia Shin
Shin Yee

5 people you love most
* gf-ku

5 impossible dreams:
Be a top model
Be a celebrity
A famous author
Invent something so that those I love will never leave.
& to have *you*

5 dreams in the future
Get married at the same day with baby Chelle.
Give my parents a much more comfortable life.
To own a red Ferrari.
To work and earn 2389012890749732 of cash.
& To be a mother.

now, send this to 5 people.
Jia Shin


I am sick. & absent from class.
*you wasn't there* sigh.

*studied* with Tenghan, Waichun, & Zhangbin.
Waichun drove us to SS15 Mcd drive-thru. Shin dropped by after that.
Study for about 30 mins, & Waichun started to complain that he's hungry & he doesn't want to have fast food.
So, we headed to AC for dinner.

IloveMcd'stomatosauce!, randomly.

Oh yea!
This is ZHANGBIN, *dustbin?*
He is cute enough to get sodomized by a taxi driver few days ago.
oops. I mean molest.
Not only that, he also got molested when he went to MOS by a niglo.
how "pitiful"
hahahahahahhaha. *evil smile*

studying, perhaps. @ Starbucks.

calling, dreaming, posing..
that's what you people call studying? tsk.

oh yea oh yea.
Zhangbin is also known as the tissue man.

He is our tissue supplier.
He supply us with tissue 24/7. teehee.

oops. caught red-handed!!!

well, we love to camwhore by nature. ;p
yea, that's us.
me & my hot LG babe, LIM SHIN YEE.

Bumpped into Kido and Louis too.
Thanks kido, for everything. Being there whenever I am low.
& never failed to cheer me up. =)


he insisted to camwhore though I am sick and make-up-less.
lol, here goes our first photo after so long.


College is fun with awesome classmates around, as usual.

fan. the damm poser childish actor.
yea, he's the devil that rule TB1.

some event held inside the campus.

Wednesday, I will be having management & marketing mid-term test.
& I am very unprepared. start feeling very stress & have the urge to release it.

Fanny & Jeffrey somehow gave me chance with excuse to release my stress. & cause my scratching game to start. btw, the they refer scratching as "weah-in
g*. wth language is that, i gotta figure it out.

like what mummy maggie said, don't play play with me.
other wise, you might ended up like...



or this.
I didn't trust I did this at first.
damm it, it's fucking bleeding. lol.

jeffrey pitiful's face. hee.

& this is IVAN in yeewee's car.
look at his face, and guess what happened...


another victim of mine.
oh dear, i didn't mean to hurt you. ;)

Night, study session with Tenghan, zhangbin & chunwai at Mcd. Shin tagged along.
alright, I really did study this time, for like, one hour out of the few hours.
hmm, seriously damm stress kay, no joke.

fucked up management and marketing make me go cuckoo.

shin, mine is coloured. ;)

I am so stress-up. so afraid that I couldn't finish my revision.

just to release stress.
it's just acting, doesn't harm.

thanks, Tenghan.


flashy flashy.


Yeewei, Ivan and the rest came over later on.
Kehui too was there.

went home around 10.30pm, and start to do my revision AGAIN.
k-books for a few hours, till 2am in the next day.
then, I fall asleep.

Wednesday -
Management is defined as the pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work with people throught planning,organizing, leading and controlling.


Management & Marketing paper was still ok, I guess.

at least, I know I wouldn't fail.

I was so damm stressed-up before exam, because of Maggie's Joanne's poster for mass comm presentation. I haven't edit it, and I got to print it out in A2 size somemore. exam ends on 5.30pm, where the hell can I edit and print it. It's so late. I then ring up Waichun the pro for help, he actually took the effort to help even though he's in KL. but i couldn't receive his file, and so failed. thanks anyway! Then, seeked for kido's help. He promised to help me out. how great.

came to pick me up from college and headed to Taipan to meet up with Shinyee.
deldel, we used to meet up everyday too =(

sorry pompuan, I know I am terribly late.

Accompanied kahjoe to finish his dinner.

Shinyee then followed me home. wait for yeewei to fetch us to AC.
thanks yeewei. =)

@ AC.

Ivan meet us with his NS's friends.
& I meet up with Kido and his friend.
Thanks Kido for helping me with the poster. it's simply awesome.

shinyee. & me.
the naked faces.

pool session with my pompuan.

went home around 10, started to do my assignments.
craps, was damm exhausted, mannn, I don't have a good sleep last night.
but presentation is tomorrow, no choice, but to keep myself awake to finish it up.

it's 3.30am when I finally completed everything. *yawn*
I got to wake up on 5am, damm it.


presentation for mass communication.
- a press conference for Joanne's yeo's debut album.

we are the host ( me, maggie, vinz, & jeffrey )
& joshua's team is the media group. ( him, fan, emily & gavin)

joanne yeo? me?
nah... Maggie is the one.
I am just posing with her violin.

things were fine. our tuitor actually complimented us. =)

she said, she wish to let other class to see our presentation.
she said, it's good,
we presented in a very natural way, well prepared, very confident and cooperated very well. ;)

After that, I forced Ivan to skip class to accompany me to Pyramid to meet up with KEhui,
I miss pyramid.

I wore formal to pyramid,
and walked around with it.

met up with Abel and Voonhee.
I miss you guys! =)

Ivan & kehui.

walked around with my 3inches heels.

& it hurts a lot!

got home around 7pm.
7.30pm, tenghan came over to fetch me and headed to AC again with shinyee and zhangbin along.
pool & foos session.
then, Starbucks.

met up with Kido.
hmm, I wish that you will be back though.

Going crazy - Natalie

Ever since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold
My life just hasn't been the same ohh baby, nooo

Date: Saturday, November 22, 2008
Time: 11:12 AM


love can sometimes be magic,
but magic can sometimes be illusion.


Friday -

First of all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bitchy BROTHER.
you're finally 16! Time to behave more. ;)
&, I love you.
~ " If I didn't failed my accounts I will spent you people lunch. " Fanny said it confidently end of last semester. yea, we bet on a lunch. If we he didn't pass his account, everyone of us will need to spend him a lunch.

But, sadly, he passed his accounts. lol.
since he's working at HALO and he will get 20% off, he brought us there for lunch. * we refers to me,maggie, leeanne, and Ian * Thanks! haha. told you never bet with us.

I believe, we are the lamest morons living on earth. So many spontaneous lame things that we cracked out. It seriously make up my day. Even our lecturer said her bad day was make up by our random act. lol.

well, we were given a test that teaches us a lesson that particular day. Learned to stand on the behalf of others, and think how they might feel. There's something that seems to be habitual to us, but others might be very sensitive over it.
* we are not evil, just, didn't know *

After lunch, Yonghui came pick me up and met up with Zhiziang, headed to Pyramid for MADAGASCAR 2.

I like to move it move it,
he like to move it move it,
she like to move it move it.
we like to, MOVE IT!

what a impressive tear-jerking comedy, I laugh and cried at the same time. wtf.
I rate 4.5/5.

Oh yea, I got a poslaju.
* i saw your message, just that I am out of credit to reply *

bearbear in wedding gown? fairytale story book? dark chocolate? & lotion?
my fairytale dream had just ended.
dark chocolate no longer my favourite. I need something sweet to sweetened up my life. ;)

you're treating me like a princess and I treating you like shit? not worth it.

still, I still appreciate all you have done. *smile* The one I love always hurt me, and I always hurt the one that love me.
and so, keep away from me.

- chatted with a friend few days ago.

To him, I would like to say,

"In your life you meet many people. Some you never think about again. Some you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you, and then there are some that you wish you never knew."
There're still many angels beside you, & those angels are what we call "true friend".

IVAN, imy. =)
oh yea,
I had a nightmare few days ago,
not going to mention bout it, *tsk, bad things*
& now I have got a confession to make :

I love my family.

I love my daddy, thanks for working so hard just to give me a more comfortable environment to stay in. We might not be wealthy, but dad, I already satisfied.
I love my mummy, thanks for taking care of me so well since the day I am born. Thanks for leaving all the good things for us. you nag a alot, but I know, you love me.
all in a sudden, I don't want to grow up anymore, I just want to be your little girl. ;)

I love my sister. she's so sweet and nice in heart. she's my best friend, the one that I share secrets with. i am incomplete without her.
I love my brother. He's a real bitch. But i admire how loyal he can be to the girl he likes, and how good he is to his friends. perhaps one day, he will be nice to us too. ;)

appreciate the one you love before you lose them.

blah blah blah, I know it;s random. teehee.


You were my favorite mistake.


Proudly present you my brand-new costumed-made jail-look-alike cupboard. wtf.

I flipped through some old photo albums when I was tidying up my room.


也许在哪一天,他,也将成为生命中的另一个某某过客。生命中的路人何其多,人来人往,都是流动的风景。他, 也许只是一个较煞人的一片风景。 需提醒自己别留恋在那,前面肯定还会有更迷人的风景。



I got inspired by photos. wtf. ;)


Brother's birthday dinner at Sheraton Hotel.
It's a buffet dinner & these are some of the food i ate.
I personally love their mussel.

brother & mummy.

Brother was so afraid that the waiter/waitress will bring out a cake and sing birthday song for him like those waiters in marche did for my sister. He thought he survived when a waitress came to wish him happy birthday and offered him an extremely big glass of fruit punch. each of us have a glass of it too, but smaller in size.


Sister and I then sneaked into the toilet for a camwhore session. =)
bear with us.

Too early to state a conclusion. half way eating, we heard...

" happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday to you.... "
turned our head, & we saw bunch of waiter holding a cake walking towards my brother.

brother was so shocked.

awesome piece.

just posing,
because, I forget to take photo of him. *ern, blowing off candles?*.



last but not least, brother, you are older by one now.
behave and you should know that we love you more than anyone else.

p/s - got tired very easily these day. wed, i have got two test, but i m exhausted now, gotta go to bed. sigh.

nights, toodles.

i hate this part - PSD

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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