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Date: Friday, June 29, 2007
Time: 10:34 PM

Lesson of the day~

Never trust those sweet stuff!!!!!!!!!
damm it!!

Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Time: 5:58 PM

Hidden message

If you Miss I'll call

If you ill I'll take care

If you cry I'll cheer

If you kiss I'll go blush

If you express I'll impressed

If you yell I'll shout

You worth my Tears

You are my zephyr

Without you I'm incomplete

Tell me you love me... I'm alive

I love.
Those hidden messages.
I adore.
The one who create those.


Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Time: 1:33 PM

Stop being like an idiot!!

Look At All Those Idiots Lyrics

What the hell!!!
you cant get me then start using dirty ways?
you can fuck far a bit.

2 years ago,
you couldn't get me.
Then You go to my school and don't know do what shit.
Called my mum and don't know tell her what shit.
and. I got screw!!
luckily, i have a understanding mum.
so, u failed!!

u came back to approach me.
I know i am far more better in every way than the past.
You don't need to tell me that.
You ask for my number.
and, i told you..
my mum said don't simply give people number.
And you scolded me asshole bitch.
And, you start being like an idiot talking craps bout me.
you say i love flirt with guys.
Excuse me..
I don't need to especially you.
you say I love to do dirty things with guys.
fuck you!! I'm so damm clean that God could prove it.
Stop coming to my school without my acknowledge.
and searching data about me and spoilt my name!!
Don't be so damm cheap!!

what a day!
I met such a failure again!!
Don't think you are so great that u could get me.
U think u r great, u think u r rich.. so what?
it doesn't attracts me at all!!
You just simply a failure to me!!
ish, spoilt my mood!!

I hope i will see another pink lorry today!!

Date: Saturday, June 23, 2007
Time: 1:22 PM


Fall Out Boy Lyrics

Memories of us ?
i still keeping it after all this.
and thanks!!

too many things to do..
and too little time~
SPM is around the corner.
and WTH am i doing now.
Brain full with rubbish that should be cleared up earlier.

my darling monz,

someone told me, if u are waiting for someone's love.
use the time to love yourself more.!!

sometimes, guys had their problems too.
maybe they just not good in explaining or whatsoever.
Trust them if you think he worth it.
or else, dump it a side and don't let it affect you.
I don't like you being moody.
i KNOW that guys are actually more selfish and angry more easily than we gals at times.
They can even pretend damm well as if they really will like us as what they promised.
I'm pissed of it too.
But what can we do.
hmm.. just chill and hope that things turn out as what we expect.

I super excited when i saw this pink lorry..
i bet i will be happy this whole day..
crazy, but..
this is some ways that might made you happier sometimes.

I still love to camwhore.. hee

Date: Friday, June 22, 2007
Time: 2:31 PM


Temptress Zealously Imparting Arousing Touches and Zones of, Intense Affection

Get Your Sexy Name

I lost my chinese literature competition today.
But teacher told me i got the highest score among our school people..lol..
Okie.. satisfied. there will never be a success without hardwork.
i didn't work hard so i didn't expect anything though.
I thought i will be able to see some guys today,
because it's an inter-school competition.
but.. 99% nerdy * no affence *
But there is a guy that performed wu-shu.. i think that he is kinda cute..

How ming say :" not cute la.. "
Tzia :" yeah yeah... Your tze herng very cute la now ."
Howming :" don't compare with herng !"
Tzia :" WHATEVER~"


I asked yuanshuang.

tzia : do i look like someone that study literature.
Yuanshuang : *shakes her head hard * nop..
tzia : serious.. ? wth.. whatever la..

i REALIZED i love the word.. WHATEVER~

Date: Thursday, June 21, 2007
Time: 2:54 PM


cool? ngenge..

This is the second day since my mum was hospitalized.
I had nobody to wake me up,
fetch me to school,
cook something nice for me,
prepared everything for me...
and nobody i can merajuk with..
I miss my mummy~

My sister..
I have no idea why i took this pic.
probably i think the way she drink is cute~
she is somehow irritating and bitchy sometimes.
but most of the time, she is pretty nice.

I went to school today for only two reason.

  • I need to hand up PEKA today
  • I m supposed to get the catering payment from Mr. kang.
I did my PEKA and i handed it up.
But i didn't get the money from Mr. Kang.
After waited him for twenty plus minutes
at the school gate,
he finally reached school.

however, because i forget to bring the stupid bill.
I couldn't get the money.
I was just got informed that I'm taking part in the
Chinese literature quiz TOMORROW by today.!!

I'm so unprepared for it!!

And, these dumb rubber bands in my mouth hurts!!
I couldn't chew for three days.
As i had said, my mum is not at home.
I can't merajuk to anyone.
And i had no mum's cook porridge to eat.
so, it became worst!!

Date: Sunday, June 17, 2007
Time: 6:16 PM

last campfire was over
Campfire Night it's over!!

It was raining yesterday night. I thought my last organized campfire is going to fail. I cried. I was so worry. We had did so much preparation for it! It cant fail! It is our last year!! we have nice stage and all. But it just rain!!

Alot of people with tickets doesn't turn out. But people without tickets trying their best to sneak in. Thanks clement. He had tried his best to stop some of them. While my junior security, I know they had tried their best.Thanks!!

When Ys give speech. People was boo-ing. I got extra worry. Later on. Sophie sucessfully influenced the crowd. And chill them down for the delayed. We know we had made our guest to wait long, and so our performance need to be good. Pressure!! Thanks God, everything seems to go well. We tried our best. People were supportive. We are seriously glad of that. Everything turns out well. Except for the delayed.

But, some of OUR FRIENDS were so not supportive. We are disappointed. People who aren't that closed to us and even scouts from other school understand our situation, support us and told us honestly they think it's great and even better than what they expected!! And our VERY OWN FRIEND were complaining and complaing. some even say no nice sit want refund! WTH! It's raining. We don't want it to happen too. No nice sit? We are sorry for that. But did you ever think of if it wasn't rain. We had tried our best to give you a best sit? Friend, please be understanding.

failed _ event delayed. rain.
success _ performances. food. atmosphere.

overall _ SUCCESS!!

This is comment given by most people i asked.
Well, I am satisfied with our last organized campfire.
Lastly sincerely thanks alot to all those who helped out and cooperated!

People who took photoes or video,
can you send it to me?
Thanks alot!!

Date: Friday, June 15, 2007
Time: 11:11 PM

Everything is just so not right!!

Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Time: 5:25 PM

Coming soon!!

Camp fire night...
3 days to go.
  • I'm super nervous now!!
  • I'm afraid of WANG!!
  • I'm afraid of my performance doesn't goes well.
  • I'm afraid that there will be problems with the P.A.
  • I'm afraid that people wouldn't enjoy!

And worst~
I'm fucking scared that the rain come on that night!!
God!! Please don't rain on that night!!

People, this is our last year.
we tried our best to give you guys the best.

Hope You guys enjoy yeah!!

School~ still sux.
I still get caught by UNG!!
She said no pink earings. WTH!!

I bet that she hate pink huh?

But. school is still fun because of my gila friends!
  1. baby chelle of course.. love her!! thanks again for the chocolate!! hee.. and thanks fer remembering me all the while~!
  2. chelle khoo.. that cheater bitch. hee.
  3. my super chun classmates. Cj, kent lon, ivanK, joel, shaun, Huimei, Herng, Tim..!!
  4. my girlfriend.. diana, nicole, shan, shin yee, howming.... and lots lots

and and and.. sorry tiff!!

i couldn't go for your birthday bash!!
I hope you could enjoy!!
and.. all the best all along this year!
You rox!!

happy incoming birthday~
best wishes to you!! and.. stay leng leng always!!

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2007
Time: 4:28 PM


Nothing to do~
Nothing to post or update.
Took few fugly pictures~

Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2007
Time: 2:22 PM

I'm designing the tickets this time..
I mean that camp fire tickets.
I hope it's not too bad~
People, comment abit when u get it alright.

I performing but i couldn't move.
i hope i m as seducing as hot as SHIN YEE~

stupiak holiday without
money to shop.
guys to date.
Luckily got my dumb dumb sister. Huggiex~~

Tell me straight that you dont like me.
I don't give a damm.
I don't mind at all. LOL.
I'm NOT desperate and want you to like me.
I dun like you~~!!! >.^
Don't ever pull 'HIM' into your lame excuses.
I'm just mad that you pull him into your excuses.
just said it out straight~!
me and him is already a past.
I knew he will never said such thing.

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2007
Time: 10:17 AM

Beautiful liar

my gosh.. i love it!!!
perfect body, perfect dance~
* nose bleed *

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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