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Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Time: 5:03 PM

a RE-post!
I will call today a bad day.
I need a solution.
first of all,

Try to imagine.
I am going into a exam room *one-to-one* in 2 weeks time,
and I can't even play my piano pieces in whole??
omg, I really don't know what is going to happen.
Failed is sure,
but, please don't chase me out of the room.
It gonna be real embarrassing!!

& tomorrow is my chinese mid-term.
I never felt this nervous before for any chinese paper. not even SPM.
this is the 1st time I feeling so.
I got a feeling that I gonna do badly!
sigh, I really did study okie??!!
BUT STILL, luck just doesn't side me.

some people that I trusted and shared things with,
actually said that I took their care for granted!
It's million times worst than getting backstabbed, fooled by fucked up prank, etc.
wtf is wrong with today.
stress already drive me cuckoo and now I get some hilarious accused!

tell me, what did I do that you make you think that I m taking YOUR CARE for granted?
If you want to think of me that way, then it's better for you stop caring about me.
yesh, I am craving for care, & I want to be love so badly.
but fuck it, I don't need people who care then bitch.

Date: Sunday, July 27, 2008
Time: 8:29 PM

Woke up early morning, mom went to Carefour to shop for grocery.
Meanwhile, dad bought us and grandma for breakfast.
Later on, we went to relative's house at Cheras.

had tonnes of durian at relative's house.
I love durians!!
If you hate it, I feel sorry for you, because you just missed something great in life. *wtf*

After that, went to visit auntie's condo.
Mummy and daddy were thinking how to renovate it. * cause my auntie stay in Taiwan, and so she asked for my parent's help *

Mummy daddy.
My two stick-like siblings!
my god, I tell you they are freakin skinny.
They probably got extremely good metabolism rate, I suppose.
& I am the odd one. I don't know why.

the tzia tzia. it's time for hardcore diet.
but i can't help it whenever I see chocolate.
I need someone to control me!

I am in love with spaghetti top! somehow.
I need more. more colourful spaghetti top.
-Dark chocolate it's bitter. I don't like it anymore.
I need something sweet to sweetened up my life.
sweet things made me go "yeay"-

* picture edited by sis* - tzia-e

her photo edit skill is getting better. lol.

Night, went Puchong for steamboat dinner with family.
I over ate today. consume too much calories, and didn't burn a single of it. *kill me*

This weekend, I played, I ate, I enjoyed.
& I am happy.
'm feeling it. I enjoy being happy.

but how long can this last? I doubt it would be long.

I didn't really study, and piano...
fuck it la.
confirm failed d!

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008
Time: 7:56 PM

Adele asked me to go for sports with her. but later on she failed to join me because her dad disallowed her to. and so, I went jogging with my sister. After jogging, we changed and took some photos.
Well, A little jog, many photo snapping. =)

To avoid confusion, I will be using diff picture to tell diff "story".

Guys had drive me insane.

& I had learn not to fall for someone that are not willing to catch you.

Timing is the main factor.
If it's wrong. everything will goes wrong.

I know you are treating me extremely good.
I truly appreciate it though I don't show it.
But isn’t it obvious that I tried to avoid.

I don’t want to cause misunderstanding. I am sorry.
Please try to understand me.

I wish you'd let me move on.

Babe, I soon realizes how much I need you when we are not talking.
I now understand why people say arguing once in a while is healthy!
You are still my one and only one.

We are not best friend anymore.
we are closer. we are sister now.

Last but not least,

Adele, life is never easy.
there’s always up and down. Bad things happened with a reason.
But it will definitely lead you to a better place.
Stay tough babe! *hugs*

why not smile and get through it?

from a little girl. she grown up.
We now able share our tops.

She love asking me what to wear.
& I make sure that she looks good.

Yeah! We love to dressed up in the same colour.

My sister is...
The one that laugh together with me.
Keep quiet when she knows I am not in the good mood.
The one that able to crack out some lame jokes that my me laugh out my ass.
The one that kept all my secrets.
The one that knows everything bout me.

I love my sister!
and if you break her heart,
I will break your face.

I am still feeling good today.

Despite how bad things are, I chose to be happy.
so, please let me be.

*I know you are/will be reading this*

Date: Friday, July 25, 2008
Time: 9:43 PM

feeling good
Enough of emo. Cut it off. I feel real good today =)

  • Handed up our Accounts assignment. Maggie and I actually manage to finish it all by our own last night! Pheww.
  • Handed up English assignment.
  • Had chinese studies assignment discussion today. It's fun, one of my group member is way too creative, making me to laugh out my ass.
  • My lecturers were all really sweet today.
  • I am not ditched in group assignment anymore. it's like, finally!

  • I went for a movie after1236173561251753 years! - the dark knight - No doubt, it's a nice show, but well, I am covering my eyes 1/3 of the show. *too many killing scene la!* and, Bruce Wayne is so charming! =) loves! But my brother said he prefer Joker. hmmm. I don't like Maggie Gyllenhaal in this movie. Probably, just because I think batman deserve a hotter/prettier one? lol. no offence. she is sweet though.
My brother :" Do you know why batman didn't choose to save her? because she is not pretty."
me :" wa. damm mean. *laughing & laughing* "
  • I meet up with JJ, JH and also Michelle *as in another Michelle* =)
  • I got 3 new spaghetti top. pink, red & orange, yea man, I need some colours!
  • I spoilt my phone, but Kahjoe is kind enough to repair it for me. Thanks a lot!
  • I talked to baby chelle on the phone for 35 mins. It's been awhile since we last talk this long! I miss it, babe! *smile* I love you!!
  • I had been smiling and laughing a lot today, and it's true from my heart =)

*yawn* I am extremely tired now. Too many sleepless nights! I need a good sleep tonight!
good night people. sleep tight!

Date: Thursday, July 24, 2008
Time: 1:53 PM

smile doesn't works all the time
smile eases everything?
I doubt that now.







Bad day. Things drive me crazy!

- I had screwed up a precious friendship of mine.-
I have no idea what should I do.
I want to solve it but I couldn't think of any solution.
I am sorry if you think it's all a lie.
I had been true and sincere enough towards our friendship.
but still, it depends on how you think.

- Accounting assignment, due date tomorrow -
Rushing like some idiot. Tomorrow due date but we did nothing yet.
We did it last minute because we were all busy preparing for the mid-term test before this.

Only Maggie and I will be doing this assignment though we got 5 members in our group, as we both do not know how to separate the work because they did not join the interview and basically do not know anything bout it. It's last minute, it's impossible to explain to the other 4. *I'm sorry friend, for not giving any part for you girls to do. Well, we wil do the presentation slide together yea?" well, I am speechless, just feel really, truly disappointed towards my performance on this assignment. Never knew I will cry over an assignment. If only.... If only... And yea, Maggie fall sick, and she cried because she is so worried that we couldn't finish up our assignment. See her being over-stress I promised her that I will do the group assignment solo and she will do the checking. But I know she definitely will still insist to do together.

- Bad 10 mins speech result -
I got 17/20. It's bad. I wanted a better result. sigh!

arghh! BAD DAY.
why must it all crash together?

Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Time: 8:41 PM


Break time. FAN said the wants to be in the guineas world record.
He then ordered two plates of tauge, another two plates were sponsored by Vingent and me. and, he finished up all 4 plates of tauge which I think is tasteless. Gosh! and yea, he did eat 2 plates of it day before. but he said he haven't get to shit still. After so much fiber, he still has difficulties in shitting, I think he got serious constipation. Fan, I suggest you to consult a doctor.

Insane Fan!

Today classes were all meaningless classes. computer studies that I had never absorb a thing from the lecture, then computer practical class. Accounts class was also a mess today, we were playing and chit chatting like nobody else business. Lecturer didn't give any lecture today, it's kinda a Q&A session. but well, accounts paper already past, so, forget bout it.

Arm wrestling? In the middle of the class?
lol. Vingent look so small beside KING. confirm lose la! lol.

*kindly click for a larger view*
Joshua. with my bangle.

Joshua with some soft toy* maggie's pencil case *.
oh yea, he was half female that time.
Fan acting cool!

joshua, fan, maggie and me.

After class...
I gained new experienced today,
public transport, all alone.
somehow =)

meet up with Joel and Jin Hoong!

Jin Hoong with his long long hair.
Ivan! I promised to spend him the extra extra spicy taiwanese sausage, and I really did spent him! He ate with a big cup of fruit juice.

but still, he sweat and got tears in his eyes.
you can imagine how spicy it is.
Joel! I hope that you are fine now. *hugs*
I deleted my cbox because there's too many things that I don't want to see appeared there. I am super sensitive to those words/craps. Those words might spoil my entire day. I don't think I deserve that. so.. just drop me comments thru my blog's comment box yea! =)


Public speaking paper today. I think did pretty well!

I am now worrying bout my chinese test on next week and my piano exam which is around the corner. I felt the stress!

photo credits to KS.









曾经,两颗心, 如此贴近。





- p/s- I lied to you? you had lied to me instead.
I lost all my link. tell me if I missed you out yea!

Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Time: 6:47 PM

A lie?
You call it a lie?
I am speechless if that's what you think.










kindly drop comments through the blog's comments box.
It's located near the title box. =)

Date: Monday, July 21, 2008
Time: 6:53 PM

smile, byebye emo
It's monday. a brand new week.
“今天心情还算不错,虽然难免还是会有不愉快的事情发生。 但也许真的学会了操控自己的心情,这会是一个很好的开始吧!” 我蔚心一笑。

IvanC cracked up the lamest joke once told by Tzehuei during our high school early in the morning. 1st of all, yeewei's dad was admitted into the hospital.

Ivan - My dad also went to hospital d.
We - HUH??!!
Ivan - He is a doctor marr. that's why he need to go to the hospital.

*big swt*

Ying brought this extra big/giant Rocky to class!

Break time, we went to PD.
Fan ordered a plate of chicken rice without chicken but one big plate of Tauge.

Uncle - How you going to eat like this??!!
Fan - I have not been shitting for lots of days. *desperately need fiber*
Uncle - Ohh, alright. I will give you more.

This big plate of Tauge only cost him RM1.oo. crazy!
Vingent tried to get some from Fan, but Fan refused to share. After finish one big plate of Tauge, the tauge's loveR, Fan's utility towards it had dropped. * econ sial* lol!

Then, Vingent said he going to buy another plate of Tauge for Fan, to see whether he can finish it or not. and Fan kindly accepted the challenge.

Second plate yo!

He had a tough time finishing the second plate. His constipation is now cure.
Infact, Joshua said Fan is so going to have a bad diarrhea.

Victory sign after finished up the whole plate of Tauge.

And this Joshua had been really mean.
He keep insulting me and made fun of me.
and so I left a few scars in his hand for him in return.

Maggie, the queen debater had her debate's talk. I know what she was talking about. But the guys is so lost.

& Vingent fall asleep during Maggie's talk. that's really over la.
After that, Chinese class. My result is bad. well, expected! hmmm. 6/10.
sigh! 只好化悲伤为力量,好好地为下一次努力吧!

Break time at PD again.
this time with yeewei, Ivan, pohyin and Emily.

BY yeewei!

pohyin the gorgeous.

the girl that claimed that she, herself is the prettiest, Emily joined us to camwhore.


the perfect one.

The photographer YEEWEI & ivanC.
OH YEA. did I mentioned yeewei dropped his phone into a bowl of soup while taking photo for us? yesh, he dropped his phone and now his phone's speaker is not functioning anymore. lmao.

the couple tee? haha.

- girls love me compliment. that is something that will never change. =)

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2008
Time: 6:28 PM

bye bye sadness
I was damm emo last night. I had a bad cry. I am failure in both love and friendship.
sigh. Thanks to jinhoong, joel and JJ for caring so much. Especially jin hoong that had made me realize that we, ourself decide whether to be sad or happy. He said there's some part in me that enjoy being sad, I am sad because I want to get others pity and in order to get care which I think is quite true. I am desperately craving for love and care. hmm. But I am pretty sure that I will no longer be like that, I am going to decide my own feelings!

I am going to live happily.

I stay awake until 5a.m. and woke up on 9a.m.
well, I had a very bad morning today. I had experienced something really bad. which made me burst into tears. I had been crying a lot, I tried not to, but this is something that is out of my control. alright, skip this part.


You chose to abandon me from your kingdom.
without caring how bad I feel. It's really cruel.

No smile is as beautiful as the one that struggles through the tears.
I forced myself to smile when I am crying last night. It's hard. but at least, I had overcome my sadness.

sometimes, remain silent is better then everything.
I should not had control you so much.
You both will be good. I have faith in you both.

After that, went to Pyramid with my cousin who work in ERNST AND YOUNG accountant film as a senior manager, meet up with Maggie to do our interview with the cousin.

we had our interview session in SUSHI GROOVE. My cousin love japanese food.
well, we had interviewed the wrong person, she said she is unable to help cause she is not an accountant for a company, she work in a film, she then introduce me to her friend that work in Sunway college to help me. THANKS COUZZIE!

some of what she ordered. and all of it taste really nice.

and this is my wonderful cousin.

Met up with joel, jin hoong and J something.
oh yea, saw Bianca, ernest and the girlfriend too. =)

Later on, went for photo shooting with Khai Shaun
the photographer. =) All this while I thought he is taking up photography, but he said he is in business. Photography is just his interest. I got really surprised.

and yea, thanks Khai Shaun =)

alright, I am keeping myself busy! to avoid unnecessary thought. sigh.
homework later =)

Date: Saturday, July 19, 2008
Time: 5:53 PM

heart broken
My sister use my phone to take her own camwhore photo. and I find it adorable.

she got apple-shaped face.
at college.
It's my 10 mins speech presentation day,
I am supposed to practice but I end up playing with a dog.

kehui! I am not afraid of dogs anymore!

My sifu, joshua.
omg, he is my idol wei!

pretty girl in my class. YING.

Did I mentioned I almost cried after my presentation. I think I did badly. big sigh!
tuitor said my allocation is bad. and she prefer my 5 mins speech more.

and. Daryl came over for awhile.
Chianwei was eating roti bawang. I forced her to eat slower.

and this is the expression she gave me.
daryl. i like him somehow.
I miss him. somehow.


chilled at SP corner with the TA's people.

before and after,
my awesome master piece.

yingkai, can u believe he is a straight A scorer.
lol. don't judge a book by it cover.
English class before accounts paper?

A girl was murdered.

and she went back to kill that fellow that murdered her.
( total craps. wtf )
my classmates.

weyheng and munyee.
I screwed up my accounts paper. I can't balance the ledger and the depreciation I go all shooting. ''PIANG PIANG PIANG''. therefore, I am dead. Bless me.

Dropped by seafield before we go home.
i miss there. a stress-less place.
I am missing him again.


we have got exam today. Computer studies.

before that public speaking lecture. we had a debate session.
Joshua, Meiqi and Chong yuan are TB1's speaker. they are good.
But I personally like Joshua. He is just so good.

Mr wesley, the principle of Foundation Studies came today. walking around catching people that doesn't obey the dress code of UTAR. and I am wearing minis. I then play hide and seek with him. It reminds me of Pn.ung, that used to catch me so much in SEAFIELD. lol. Ivan was unlucky, he got caught.

Computer studies paper was okie I guess. I can do MOST of it. I felt good. later on, went to Subang Parade with yeewei, IvanC and chianwei.

In yeewei's car.
- don't tell me u love me if you don't -

- I had like someone that will never likes me-

Ivan C


at parade's loo.

the guys at nando's.

our food.
my peri soup and peri potato salad.
I don't really like the food there.

hmm. love? Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. It's hard to find someone you like, but it's trillion times harder to find someone you like to likes you. sigh. call me stupid. I feeling so bad now.

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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