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Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Time: 7:25 PM

1st week in Uni
  1. First day of my college/uni life.
  2. The first class I attended was - Introduction to Chinese Literature.
  3. There's less than 20 people in my class and the amount of guys is less than 5.
  4. My lecturer is a young lady.
  5. I got homework even though it's just the first lecture.
  6. I met new friends. They are all friendly people.
  7. I hanged out at SP Corner. and also walked a distance of 20mins to Mcd to have my lunch.
  8. I got chocolate from Si Hung. i LOVE chocs! LOVE toblerone.
  9. My second class is - Public Speaking.
  10. My teacher is an Indian lady. She's interesting.
  11. But well, she couldn't pronounce my name. she read is as TAN T-Z-I-A T-Z-I-A.
  12. She suggest me to put my name as Tan Jia Jia.
  13. It's a tiring day!
  14. I had bad stomach cramp.
  15. p/s. My mom promised to get me a laptop next month! yeay!!!!
Pictures of the day :

reach too early.
mom suggest to go yum cha at the mamak nearby.

Chinese class.
Lecturer and the class rep.

the crowded public speaking class.

The humour lecturer.


  1. Second day of my uni.
  2. I have got 2 classes to attend today.
  3. First, Computer studies.
  4. My lecturer is a lady too.
  5. We were asked to write out a short essay about the use of computer application.
  6. I love morning class. I feel so energetic.
  7. Went to PD block. wanted to let my photo shooting for the student ID done, but failed. There were too many people queuing up.
  8. Hanged out at SP Corner again. though I still hate that place.
  9. I learn something.... Old friends are more trustworthy. at least, they wouldn't neglect you.
  10. I miss my secondary buddies! sigh!
  11. I have my - Accounts class today too. I don't understand a single thing.
  12. & I don't like the lecturer.
  13. Her lecture seems to be hypnotizing. I almost fall asleep.
  14. I still hate number. I still hate accounts.
  15. I followed Yee wei's car back today.
  16. I said I don't want to go home straight and so we went for a quick yum cha session at Asia Cafe.
  17. I forced him to drive 20km/hours.
  18. It's another tiring day!
  19. I am having piano class tomorrow.
  20. I promised my teacher to have hard core practice. but so far, I had only practiced twice in 2 weeks time. sigh. tomorrow gonna be a bad day.
Pictures of the day :

lol. I scratched her!

Yee wei. 20km/h

The driver.


there's always a rainbow in the end of a rainy day.


  1. Had my piano lesson today. wasn't that bad after all. but still, I seriously lack of practice.
  2. Had English Language class today.
  3. My lecturer is an INDIAN! lol. I realize I got lots of indian lecturer.
  4. I get to know a new friend, a pretty girl name Emily.
  5. Howe thoon brought me a pepper spray. wtf-ness!
  6. Had indon mee and syrup limau ice wirhout the limau inside at SP corner.
  7. Had my photo shooting for student ID. confirm sux!
  8. Ori text books for sem1 will cost me bloody RM600++!!
  9. I need second hand text book! who willing to sell it to me?
  10. I went Pyramid for like..... half an hour?
  11. Then, I went Sunway Hospital together with Howe Thoon and Jun Yi. Chian wei followed. to... visit Jun yi's girl, marilyn who got admitted to the hospital.
  12. I had blended chocolate iced with chocolate chips @ Starbucks!
  13. I am now printing out all those lecture notes and tutorial work sheet. It's damm a lot. My printer going to be INK-less.
  14. I started to miss my GIRLFRIENDS. alottttttt!!
  15. I want my pimples to disappear!!!
  16. I want to have sufficient sleep!
  17. I want to wear shorts to Uni tomorrow. I hope I have the guts!
  18. That fellow who hacked my friendster added me as his/her featured friend!! wtf! ishhhhh!! damm crazy. friendster acct will get hacked, people use ur pic to create acct, simply grab ur pic and upload to their album! so damm wrong!!

Pictures of the day :

some books.

the pepper spray from howe thoon.

There's also a CD along.
guiding us on how to use a pepper spray.

Starbucks in Sunway Hospital.
I love Iced Chocolate!

The best friends.

Howe thoon.
hou yeng ah!! wtf!

me & my chubby face. sigh!

poser chipsmore.
her chipsmore look like the choc chips in my iced chocolate!

The cute little girl sitting beside us!

The sweet couple.
Jun yih is a great boyfriend!

she said she want to charge me RM50 for this photo. lol.
triple action in a time.

GAY? best friend?

p/s : I am going to Johor tomorrow and will only be back on Sunday!
please do miss me!

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
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