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Date: Monday, July 7, 2008
Time: 8:31 PM

3 awesome days

Friday, 040708

Happy Birthday to myself.
I went michlee's house to get my present. fuck. That present really touched me. hearts that count and I cried right in the car, right in front of yee wei while reading. Thanks babe. That album is better than anything else.
Later night, went Old Town with michlee.
We 1st planned to go to the roof top, but were kinda freaked out. we ended up camwhore beside the road, yeah, people were looking at us as they pass by. They probably think we are insane. We then went to Station One. We had beer, and yeah, we met Ryui Bin, he spent us on our drinks! so nice of him =)

my dearest.

Mr. Ryui Bin.

Saturday, 050708.
class end on 10, meet up with daryl, breakfast together then Pyramid. I gotta meet up with my mom!!

Daryl with our Baskin Robin!

Went shopping. Mom spent me on swimwear and lingerie. La senza, hee!
Had my cake. together with family.

Went to michlee's house together with mon wei. then headed to pyramid together. Met up with adele and jia shin. they help us to make up =)

Jia shin!

monwei. thanks for joining =)

adele. she didnt want to camwhore with me,
she said we have too much pic together. lol.

Went forever 21 with shinyee, adele and Jia shin when Michlee and Mon wei together with Joel and Jewin went for Dinner. hmm. Jia shin supposed to buy and we ended up all buying. lol. jiashin in green, adele in blue, shinyee in pink and I in black.

the hotties.

Had a little misunderstanding with Chelle. well, I'm sorry babe. and MONWEI, sorry for spending some little time with you. FoRGIVE ME.

camwhoring emo-ly. with my new dress.

Went to Rainforest for some drink first since it's still early for bacerlona.
Went with Adele, Shinyee and Jia Shin. Michlee and Mon wei joined us later on.

Shinzz pretty in pink.


1st time hanging out with jiashin,
and she rox!

babe, I m sorry that I had spoilt your day.

Move on to Barce. I was kinda tipsy.
My dad suddenly disallowed me to stay overnight at Chelle's place.
I was drunk and got real emo. Thanks chelle, joel, kahjoe and others for looking after me.
Gosh, I should control next time. I always brings troubles to my friends when I go to club. sigh!
I reached home on 12 something in the morning. potong steam la my dad.
I didn't know he is so conservative till now, my mom also just knew it. what a joke.

Sunday, 060708.

My mom apologize to me in the morning. hmm, My parents are forgiven.
Went shopping at Parade with mom. La senza again. gosh. such a lingerie addict.
then, formal wear. well, I don't look good in it, but no choice.

Went for my birthday dinner at Marche, I like there cause that's lot's of choice!
It's great for people like me that hate pork, steak and mutton. lol.

Family photos-

Photos of food taken at Marche.
It's finger liking good.
The pizza is a must try.
Not forgetting the prawn and the mixed fruit punch!
and yeah, The mushroom soup there is awesome!

special event by the person in charge at Marche.
Dragon fruits with ice cream.
Thumbs up! as in balanced up the sweetness.

Presents. My present!! haha.

Mom brought me to shopping,
two days straight of lingerie shopping, *loves*
I also got myself swim wear, gosh, I need to go on diet in order to wear it!

Heels from Vincci from Michlee and Joel.
Love you guys.

Michlee also did an album with captions for me.
It's really touching, & I cried straight when I read it.
Thanks babe.

MCKY top from Ivan.

Necklace from Maggie.

Bracelet from Emily and Rubber.

Thanks alot for all those.
Thanks daddy mummy, Thanks friends!!!

and yeah. today, 070708 is Michlee's birthday.
Happy Birthday babe, I know we had been going through a lot of tough time these days. And I had upset you a lot. Hope we are able to get through all this, and start all over again being a pair of care-free girlfriends. Babe, I still love you loads. Definitely more than what you expect. And I really do need you. xoxo.
May all your wishes come true! * don't tell me no wish yea! *

Chiwing planned a surprise birthday cake blowing candle session for her.

p/s - 1st, I got my pay cheque from nuffnang, but well, I lost my retainer in just one month time. I got to pay for it myself as I didn't dare to tellmy mom bout it. RM400 byebye!!

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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