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Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008
Time: 12:08 AM


Brother sprain his ankle during a basketball game and he complained.

My mom then suggested to bring him to the famous physiotherapist in PJ.

My dad fetched my brother there around 9am, and there's already plenty of people there.
He got number 32, the physiotherapist asked him to be back on 3pm. We already got a shocked.
In between, I went to Parade to fix my laptop wireless. Thanks kahjoe and thanks to that guy name Loh, my wireless is finally fixed. haha.
& I got myself a holiday job there. I will be working for Umobile this October.
Quite a high pay.
Anyone interested to join me? lol. only girl. One girl.
ask me for details if you are interested.

We went back to the physiotherapist around 3pm, it's still not our turn yet. We saw an Indian family came in. ( note : there's no nurse, it's all self service, we take the number by our self on the table ) They got number 68, the physiotherapist asked them to be back by 10pm. ( inner monologue - wtfffffhhhhh, it's only 3.30pm now??!! )

We waited till 4pm and it's finally our turn.

The professional that used to work in the national sports team.
The one that healed those injured athlete.

Look at him! See how tight he hold his fist?
lol. I can imagine how pain is it. gosh!

& this is the result. =)

Went home right after that, bath, and then headed to my cousin engagement dinner.
I thought it was a wedding dinner that supposed to be held in hotel.
but, well, according to the Indians there's supposed to be an engagement dinner before the wedding dinner.

decoration by my cousin's husband.
so cunning yea!

On the day of the engagement the family members, friends and relatives of both the groom and bride's meets. They meet to bless the couple and wish them a happily married life. It is also knows as the sagai ceremony or ring ceremony.

Preparation for the priest prayer,
the oil lamps to be lighted and many other ceremonious things like flowers & tumeric.

The pretty bride with my sister.

spot the red dot on the middle of my forehead.
( ish, ignore those pimples)
indianish! haha, I want a SARI!!!

Parents, Aunties & Uncle.

They were chit-chatting...
and we were playing with dogs!

I have to say I love dogs! but sadly, I am not allowed to have one.

Meet Pepper!

& also Ginger.

I prefer Ginger, because she is smaller in size.
But she likes licking me. hmm.

Ginger is prettier than my sister. lmao.

The pretty decorations.
Even my aunt can't resist and want to have a pic with it.

and now, sister's turn.

and now..
the ceremony is soon to be started.
This indian is explaining to my aunt what are they suppose to do.

nine to fifteen ladies will assembled together with gifts and the engagement sari, enters the bride residence.

I have no idea what should I call him?
But he is the one who manages the whole ceremony.

After awhile. the groom's sister lead the bride to the ceremony.

from left : cousin's husband-Rajah, her parents and she herself.

the parents' part.

Parents will then exchange and accept each other trays loaded with banana, sireh and coconuts is a sign of agreeing to the deals presented by the priest.

I heard something like.
" my daughter is yours, and your son is mine."
stuff like that.

the men.

the women.

After the prayers and announcement of agreed marriage dates, she has completed the engagement rituals. Her entourage will then take her to change into her engagement sari to signify accepting the proposals by both families.

while she was changing~

the chinese and the indian boy.

the sister of the bride.
she is looking good too. looking so fair in that blue sari.


mother & aunties.

mother and her sisters.

kayz, continue with the ceremony.

Now, the bride has dressed up and comes down to be engaged to the groom.

the bride bow down to get blessings from both the families.

The elder from the mother side put on the flower ring for the bride.

the engagement ceremony.
and the ring ceremony.

The priest showing the ring.

Exchanging of rings is seen by all.

The groom wore the ring on the fourth finger of his right hand and the bride wore hers on the fourth finger of her left hand in order to form a complete heart.

These ceremonies thus, conclude with the blessings of the elderly and the Almighty.

The happy couple with their baby PEPPER.

The Chinese family with the Indian groom.

Sisters and Brothers.

The dinner party after the Engagement Ceremony is intended to infuse joy and merriment to the lives of the two families.

Candle light. DIY by my cousins.

Food catered from THE BIG RAJAH TEAM.
it's all vegetarian food on that night.

I didn't enjoy the food.

because most of it is spicy. wasted!

the crowd.

auntie, the bride, mother & sister.

a pic of the bride with me xD
she look so so elegant!

As we know acccording to the Indian culture, the female side suppose to give dauli. But my cousin is a Chinese, and the male side tolerate and gave the dauli.
The chinese accept dauli from the groom family is not because of the money,
in the end, they will use the money to buy something for the couple.

but this time, my cousin's family accepted the dauli.
and gave back to the couple using a red packet.

The gift to be given to the groom.

Oh yea,
my cousin hired a cute camera man. haha.

I had never attend any Indian engagement ritual ceremony in my whole life before this. what more a chin-dian engagement ceremony. I am just so glad to be invited there.

Last but not least, congrats to the new couple!

I woke up around 7, fetched my sister to her friend's house at puchong and then I followed my parents to the Temple Charity Bazaar.

I am dead tired now, but I have not been studying for 2 days straight! kill me.

I got to go back to my studies now. =)

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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