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Date: Thursday, January 1, 2009
Time: 7:37 PM


Things never always like what you thought it should be,
many things are just left unsaid.


New year resolution?
If I were to set, there will be way too much.

I just want to do my very best in everything this year.

This is the way it should be.

Last but no least, New year eve celebration?

Cape no.7 with Ray.

I rate it 7/10.
Humorous yet romantic music drama.

" Seven people, who were not expected to be great or anything, formed this impossible band. At the moment the sun sank into the ocean, they performed passionately and feverishly as if they had no past and no future. On this long lost land and ocean, at this very moment of their seemingly meaningless life, they created a legend of Hengchun. & also created a unexpected love story of Aga and Tomoko. "

at Night,

went out with Michlee, Joel, and Shinyee.
I feel guilty though.
because if it's not because of me.
Shinyee will be at MOS with the rest. - I am way too broke, so yea. -

& Michelle & Joel will be at Curve for the celebration. - I have curfew -

@ Our all time favorite washroom.

thanks girlfriends.
Thanks for staying and spent your new year eve with me.
I truly appreciate it. *loves*

gasp, pompuan-ku yg sangat hot

she, pout.

me, emotion-less.


shinyee don't know looking at where.

take 2, A perfect picture with the 2 that I cherish the most.
michelle lee tzuann ee & lim shin yee.

Stopped by Steven's Corner to have ice water.
cause we were all feeling hot. and have nothing better to do.
Shinyee and I start to camwhore.

camwhore, me likey.

the couple, with michlee's middle finger.

my almost perfect camwhore shot spoilt by michlee's middle finger. ish!

Shinyee went to put her beg in Waichun's car.
& we waited her at Steven's corner.
after 10 mins, a waitress came to us and THROW us the bill.
yea, she's chasing us out. like. duhhh.
yea la, I know we are only having iced water. but isn't her a bit too rude.

We pay and leave.
Shinyee and Waichun came back in awhile.

Headed to barce and bumped into Waichun's cousin and friends,

and so, decided to get in together.

It's soooooo damm packed.

new friend, edison.

don't stop the music.....

waichun's cousin.

michlee & the Joel in peace.
I hope both of you are fine now. hmmm.

Thanks to all of them.
I survived the night.
I am not drunk, JUST a lil tipsy. =)
-cause they didn't let me to drink much -
& misbehaved, just a little.

something I wrote randomly, last night.


















last but least.

2008 recap.

2008? this year took away alot of my first time.
& there's many good and bad moments alongside.

I would now refresh things that happened in the year 2008.

work @ add on with bunch of lovely people.
i miss 'em.

first outing with these two pompuans.

my last relationship. that I fancy no more.

first outing with adele. along with shinyee.

girls' stay over at kehui's place with chianwei.
-couldn't make it to stay over-
but did went grocery shopping with 'em at Giants.

the 2 long lost good friends of mine.

this is my expression when I got my SPM result.
hell disgruntle.

The day before Michelle's leave for NS.
we cried.

Offer of admission to UTAR.
Signifying the start of my uni life.

first outing after Michelle got back from NS with Shinyee along.

Long jeans that I got it just for uni use.

Once a scout always a scout.
- taken during scout's recruit camp -

I miss scouting.

with dearest Miss Sophie which inspired me the most.
I miss you.

my girlfriend, Ivan cheong's birthday.
he's still bald that time. after NS. LOL.

my cuckoo friends.

1st visit to the roof top.

and my happiest moment in the whole 2008.


braces off.

my 1st laptop.

the 1st time michelle fecth shinyee and me out in her car.

the 1st time for both of us into a club.
& the 1st time I kiss her.

Scout's event. campfire night.
"step into the past"
I got the best dressed award. lol.

most memorable birthday.
4th July.

My family celebrated with me.
Daddy brought me to Marche, and Mummy brought me shopping.
I love 'em.

Daddy bought me my favorite cheese cake.

go to class, classmates wishes me and gave me pressie.
lecturer make the class to sing song for me.
i got shocked.

and as for my 10 years bestie, chelle.
I spent the night with her, at station One, drinking beer. lol.

& she got me the best present ever.
a pair of white heels that I had been craving for it.
& a album with all our memories inside.

on 5th july, we went barce to celebrate chelle's and my birthday with bunch of girls.

a photo with my real life idol, jiashin.

del was there too.

and of course, shinyee was there with me.

michelle babe.
the one that I love the most.

my 1st time in formal wear.

monwei's talent night performance.
she's simply awesome.

farewell for sir david and the one I respect the most, Miss Sophie.

A present for 'em.

Utar sports carnival.
I took part in futsal competition, yea, wtf.

Ivan's injured his head.

& I spotted thIs cute guy. & We actually went out.

my 1st two piece swimsuit.
because of training, I always wear the one piece swimsuit.

oh yea, I got so addicted in milk.

1st marathon I attended in my whole life.
exclude the school's one.

Merdeka run.

we, the TB1, create a history in UTAR.

my classmates.
1st class theme - pyjamas.

my musician friend that I know from the dinner service.
she's real elegant.

2nd class theme - nerdy look.

we went for dimsum with the guy on 7am.
lol. see how we stuck our self in the front site.

The fanstatic 4.
Ivan, tzia, michelle. & joel.

1st hikathon.

& cousin was married to an Indian man.

she's looking good in Sari.

& the one that I fancy alot.

I would like hypnotize myself, and got myself into the fairytale.
reminiscing our memories.

my cousin sister that look much alike with me.
she's very nice to me, and I like her a lot.
photo took during another cousin's wedding dinner.

working together with Regina at PDA Arena
as flyers disposal. lol.

I tried to perm my hair.

It isn't odd for sister to join me camwhoring,
but it's really rare to have brother camwhore with us.

1st time to MPYO.
I got attracted by the cellist.

1st time working @ PC fair.

get to know huisien.

Christmas eve @ republic.

the reunion of the 3budi's girls.

Alright this took me 82468236482368 to finish.

& all the best.

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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