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Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Time: 2:29 PM

my stories
Before you people get too far.
This is the current me!!

The childhood.
don't have much pic in comp.
cause most of it is printed one.
I'm damm cute.. when I'm a small girl.
trust me.

me & michlee.
told you I know her since 8 right?
we both have pretty smile huh.
small kids. lol.

the family of mine.

this is when I'm in form 1/2003.
I am damm good girl in form 1.
teacher loves me.
not much pic, I don't camwhore that time.

the form 2 /2004.
I start to skip classes in school
& start my very 1st relationship. =0

I ain't fat when I am in form 2.
I go training every day at Shah Alam.
so.. fats wont be there.

But well,
plenty of pimples I had.

I feel like vomit now.
Camwhore when so much pimples there.

Form 3/ 2005.
I got my 1st discipline record in my whole damm life.
people who know me well, you know what happened.
I am extremely fat & had plenty of pimples!

3 Budi. memories.
Carmen left us to Australia.

Revealing the true me.
fat face.
ugly tooth.

I start to be active in scouts when I'm in form 3.

fat face!
less pimples.
cause my mom brought me to skin specialist.

& I even go cut my hair till damm short.
This pic is taken
when my hair grow much more longer than when I first cut it.
& after straighten.

& I got into my 1st serious relationship that year.
I was with this cute guy.
& i had really loved him alot.

my pmr year,
I was lucky enough to get 7as'

Form 4/2006
I went in to pure science.
My results were never good.
i mean those science subject.
I had claim myself as a science idiot since then.

& I got a post in scout.
Internal Affair Officer.
We had lots of argument during the preparation of CFN.
But well, we go through thick and thin together.
& we had a success.

pic with cousin during chinese new year.

My braces were on on this year.

but my fat face fat body still there.
I got insulted badly.

10 months relationship ended.
I was regret
with my act of asking for a break up
because of over jealous of him with my best friend.

& he ended up with my friend.
I was really regret on that time.
I had kind of go after him.
but got rejected.
1st time got rejected.

but still,
I admit he's a really nice guy.
that I will always remember.

My hair grew.
I went straightened again.

Start working = start diet.
Suprisingly I managed to lost about 10kg.

I quit my job before what I had planned.
Cause there was too much of backstabbing.
& I often get scolded for no reason.
& so I quit!

Oh yeah.
When I was working i got admirers.
a few of them were abnormal.

but well, i wasn't ready for a relationship that time due to my past relationship.

I got myself a new hairstyle
before school start =)

my form 5, SPM year.

Gillian Gan went Australlia.

I am happy enough to hear my friend saying.
"tzia, you slim down!"

Got close with diana & nicole.

Nicole & I had participated in the IU day modelling.

Emmanuel was my partner for J-POP.
We had fun!
I was with him for a short time.

I will take him as my cute brother. =)

My all time favourite.
baby chelle.

& howe thoon.
a really nice guy.
but we wasn't together for a long time.

School was exciting.
playing truants.
escaping from discipline teachers.
Fighting back with teachers.
hanging around with friends.

no more pimples =)

We went to St. John school to attend their campfire.
but well I think ours is better.

but our camfire night on 2007 had be ruined by the rain.
but people still enjoy.
We as the organising peoples were really glad to hear that.

It's time to past down my post,
and it goes to Minh Hui.

Our farewell was really nice.
Thanks to all my juniors!

The MPT5/6.

The 5 Elok.

The belakang gang.

The senior pages.
Enjoyed the time we camwhored & laugh.

Mr Chun Jui.
I am his secret admirer during form 2.

SPM Study time!
the specky tzia.

We were together in the middle of SPM!
He helped me alot in studies.
we had a sweet SPM.

I got my hair dye after SPM!

The very 1st time of our date.

Time in Genting together.

We are now back to friends.
because of my selfish attitude.

My SPM results sux!
but well... it's over.

the 2008 me.

The very 1st time I celebrate new year eve with friends outside.

I start my work at ADD-ON, Pyramid!!
Love the job!!
Is damm cool!!
I got cool friends, & happy moments working there.

The crew.

Mr/Mrs Joe!

My all time favourite camwhore friend.
Yiin Lynn & Ivan Cheong!

My cool supervisor.

good looking people.
I had crusch with one of the guy that time.
Guess who.
The one that look the best!
we had nice time together =)

I started to wear this way!
T plus mini denim.

Chinese New year pic with the same cousin.
We grow up!

Hair colour start to look different after the second dye.

I start to hang out with friends more often after I quit my job.

My two best best friends.
Baby chelle & shin.

My Princess Chelle.
She is my everything.
my gila partner.

My new girlfriend.
hearts her.

Not forgetting my old friend.
Nice people.

Before michelle & Ivan go to NS at Sabah!

We are love!

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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