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Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Time: 5:12 PM



Yeah. My SPM results sux to the max.

I got 5 1As'.
I got 1As' for moral, maths,English, history & chinese literature.
1 D for Chemistry, well, I hated the subject. so whatever la.
& B for the rest of the subject.
Very terrible results.
The worst results of my whole damm life.

I confidently thought that I will definitely get A for Chinese & BM.
But.. well, I flung both the subjects.
I only got B for those.
I'm damm freaking disappointed.
My chinese teacher call me. She said she also thought A is a no problem for me.
But well... disappointing!

My 7As' dream.... kaBOOOSH!!
Gone. sad case.

My parents blame me for the bad results.
I know is my fault. That I should be blame.
but... i got feelings too. Aih.
My dad saw the result & straight go out.
My mom screw me like shit. lecturing me like nobody else business.
& she said she wasn't lecturing!!!
wtf. well, I can only keep my mouth shut after telling her I had tried my best.
Instead, I had tried my very best.
But she just think I'm fighting back.
She thinks i'm not serious enough towards it!
well... I study hard for history & I score flying colour for that subject.
I thought I can score for my language subjects too.
cause all the while it wasn't a problem to me.
I never expect to get a B too. I'm disappointed!! just so you know..
and science subject weren't my subject all the while.
I flung all the while.
I now get B I already feel damm happy.
But my parents wasn't satisfied though they know I'm a science idiot.

My parents said they wasn't expecting anyting from me.
But after getting my results, I realize they are the one expecting the most compare to my friends.
I got screw terribly.
My friends had almost the same results as mine, but they are happily enjoying themselves outside now.
While me staying at home got screw & hiding in the room crying like an idiot.

I told my parents I felt stress when..
relatives start to ask bout my results. *my cousin all were straight As' student*
Parent's friends start to ask bout it & compare me with their child.
& most importantly I flung my chinese. Aiks.
But oh well.. My mom said that "SMALL KIDS" like me will never have stress.
wtf right? DAMM IT!!!!


I am disappointed enough with my results. But I didn't get any comfort from my family.
yeah. I still love my parents. I still need them.
but now my friends care bout me much more! I'm sad.
I'm 17!! I'm big enough to think and plan for my future! Arghhh.
I just hope for my parents understand. hmmm.

My result really brings great impact!
I had disappoint my parents.
I promise, I will do it better in my further study!

My bad bad day I should say. T.T


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