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Date: Thursday, June 12, 2008
Time: 5:54 PM

12th - 14th
12th June,
Went for UTAR talent night.
Thinking that it will be bored at the very first, but well it turns out to be GREAT.
MOST of the performers look good that night.
They were all talented people. They sing, they act, the dance....
and I love MR. Orange!!

some pics took on the night -

13th June.

I dislike UNI life. felt really left out, & ditched.
I'm so spoilt. I can't bare with this situation any longer.
worst come to worst, I almost burst into tears in my class.
Thanks Kah joe, thanks for fetching me meeting up with chelle!
I feel so much better after I saw her.
though we didn't talk much.
Her existence being there for me is more than enough.

14th June 2008.

I cant pronounce the word nonchalantly.
I pronounced it as it seems to be as non-cha-lant-ly.
& it correct pronunciation is non-che-long- ly. WTF!
WELL, I learn something new =)

I am going to SMK Seafield campfire night tomorrow.
The dress code is COWBOY!
can anyone help me?
I need a pair of BOOTS urgently!!


hmmm. baby chelle and shinz are coming over my place!
helpin up on my assignment then we are going to pyramid.

oh yes! I miss my girls. ALOT!

guess who is this little boy?

He's the hardworking Vingent!!

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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