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Date: Friday, August 1, 2008
Time: 2:42 PM

dad's birthday
It has been a busy week.

Wednesday -
  • First of all, Happy Birthday to my dearest Daddy! I love you =) may all your wishes come true. and I promise to be good. xoxo.

his cake =)

  • Class start on 12p.m, but I reached UTAR on 6.50a.m. Crazy? I know.
  • Then, I start my hard-core chinese studies, as I was so distracted on the night before and my exam is on 4p.m. Chinese is now the hardest subject for me, it's something like Sejarah in Chinese, but much much more harder. Gosh.
  • I got selected to go for the MCQ accreditation interview and so I need to go for a short briefing. It's a waste of time I should say.
  • & yea, Chinese paper is freaking hard. I am so gonna flunk it!
  • I reached home around 7.30p.m. I am deadly tired.
  • I got 2 assignments - computer studies and economics which due date in on Friday. Therefore, despite how much I hope I can go to bed straight, I got to stay up to complete my part. The minute I finished up my computer studies, I fall asleep - in front of the laptop. I don't know how, but I just fall asleep. and that time was already around 2a.m.

Thrusday -
  • I am basically break down. sigh, I desperately want more sleep.
  • I were so down and pissed off when we are doing our assignment together with other group members. Yesh, I had even throw tempered. I am not a hot tempered person, it's just that I detest uncooperative people. Group assignment is never nice. sigh. I should learn to tolerate, I guess.
  • Computer studies lecture, we got back our paper. Before that, the lecturer said that the highest marks in our class is 96 and the lowest is 15.
& as USUAL,
Maggie :" OmG, I hope I am not the one who get 15. but... I am sure my result will be real bad!"
ME, Emily : * stare at her*

Inner monologue:" she is so fucking humble. or should I say she is such a liar. She will sure do well. But if I tell her this now, she for sure will disagree with me. Therefore, I should just kept quiet, wait and see."

& like what we expected ...she got 96. she's got the highest marks. hmmm. lol.?
I got 71, I lost my 10 marks due to a small mistakes. The effect for not double-checking.
And sadly, Emily failed her paper, getting only 34 marks.

  • Later on, Economic tutorial class. Our tutor give back our exam paper. And before giving back us the paper, she said all the student *art & science classes* did badly. What she said make us feel dismay.
I am the one who was giving out the papers, and I saw 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 26.... Nothing more than 30. Finally, I saw one paper with the marks 32.5, it belongs to Joshua. Then... I saw 40!! The highest marks in our class, and most probably in the whole foundation in arts? & AS USUAL, It's still belongs to Maggie. She got 40/50! * I feel I choking her* Mine, I would said I am satisfied enough with my result, 33/50. =)
and Emily, she failed again, 8/50. I personally think that she should work harder the next time * EMILY, YOU CAN DO IT! =) *

  • Night, I start to rush our Computer studies assignment. Streamyx went cuckoo. I waited it to recover from 11p.m. to 4a.m.

Friday -

  • On 4a.m. I got extremly sleepy and I fall asleep. When I wake up on 5.30a.m. That stupid streamyx is still not fixed yet. I was so pissed! Brought my whole laptop to Utar. Finished up our CS assignment with Joshua and Fan! Thanks a lot guys! =)
  • Our economic assignment is done too! Thanks Alvin. You had did so much!
  • Thanks to all that had really cooperated and work together to get the assignment done.
  • My good friend, Chian wei is finally married. Married to justin!! lol!! I am announcing it... blablabla.. don't kill me, Chian wei. I am so much better if compare to yee wei and Ivan.
Master piece of Ivan & Yeewei. lmao.
everyone saw.
some people thought that chianwei really got married.
They asked whether if she marry because she is pregnant.
I laugh my ass out weih!
  • I was moody, I was depressed, & I even show tempered and being unreasonable this few days. Don't blame. Put the blame on PMS. i HATE pms-ing!
  • Went to Sunway University College's Talent Night with Michlee, Joel and Jin Hoong to watch Monwei's performance. We have to dress in semiformal. =) And coincidently, we met Tim too. He is performing! Met some old friends like Daniel, KentLoN, Jazz, Shieng, Sim ann, etc & some new friends like Jenny. Overall, it was quite boring. However, I still love Monwei's performance and Tim's one too. =)
p/s - Jin hoong said I trying to sabotage him, which is a plain accused. lol!

photo time =)

baby chelle. that I love the most.

not smiling.

& smilimg =)

Tim the super cool. This picture quality is bad. ignore it.

Jenny, the pretty and tall girl.

Monwei, the awesome dancer + singer.
She is just so talented.
- my goodfriend, my sister -

threesome. not ready.

ready =) smile.

shieng, the long lost school mate.

and, monwei again. xoxo.

it's almost 2a.m.
I'm really tired. and I am having bad cramp right now. sigh.
I need rest!
good night people.


yours truly

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Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
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