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Date: Sunday, September 14, 2008
Time: 6:14 PM


woo woo.
I'm back from Johor xD

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, people!

In the car, we got bored.
& since I have a sister that loves the camera as much as I do,
we start the inevitable camwhore session.

ahem. excuse yea.

my pretty sister.

yeah, she has been bitchy these days.
but I still love her.

sister & cousin.
told you she loves the camera a lot.
In fact, she loves it more than I do.
* photo took using my old phone*

brother and cousin at the back.

Went to " Or Hwu" for dinner.
That's the best restaurant in Yong Peng.

my favourite,
Fried Spring Roll.
If you ever go there, this is a must try!
It's finger licking good.


& grandma's house.

My sister spotted some awfulrepugnentyucky.

and she pulled me there.

sister :" cheh, come come, I show you something, damm scary!"
me :" * thought is some bugs or stuff * don't want, don't want!
sister :" come come, faster, seriously damm scary !"\
me :" wth is that, will move one a not? "
sister:" doesn't move one larr!! "
me :" huh? then will fly anot? "
sister :" =.=" just come! "
me :" *half pulled by sister* okie okieeee. "

then, I saw..






I just took a peep on it.
" what the hell is that, disgusting!"

i didn't look at it clearly.
me :" E, can you go take a photo of it for me, please, I didn't see properly la!"
sister :" =.=" okay!"

the result :
dead lizard that left on it's skeleton.

Okie, we might had over react.
but hell, that's the 1st time I saw those things.

My grandmother stay at a huge house alone * with maid*.
She got her own toilet at her room.
& the maid doesn't use that toilet.
Nobody notice it, till my sister went it. CRAPS.

that house is haunted.
not only that house, but the neighbours' house are haunted too.

my mom doesn't want to tell us.
But I somehow heard the coversation between her and my aunt.


let's go to the
Lattern's night??

wtf. I suddenly thought of my form one's english literature.
The Life Brief Candle - Shakespears?

I love this photo.
so damm artistic. * cheh-wah*


pretty huh?

all done my auntie.

my mom was chatting with my grandmother.

She is lonely. staying alone in such a big house.
She can't walk for long and so she didn't get to go out of the house if we aren't there.
She has 14 children and none staying with her, how pitiful?
She can only talk to the maid all the time?

my mom and aunties always went back to spend time with her during festive season.

where the hell is all her other sons?
* not all la, but most of the sons seldom go back to visit her. *

sigh, just feel very emotional la.
especially after I heard my friend said his grandmother just passed away.
She pass away because she felt down * she's diabetes * and broke her bone and nobody in the house notice. & when her family members* those that stay with her* finally notice she is being abnormal, it's already too late.

I don't want to stay alone/become like this when I am old!

mummy & granny.

i like the effect.
I didn't edit this.

cousin with her, er... " love " shape?

me with my....

name. *in chinese*

sister's E!

and her love shape.

guess what is this?

That night, I am force to bed on 11.3opm.
damm it, I can't even sleep, but I am not allowed to on the light.
Mom said I am disturbing the others, as my aunt can't sleep when the lights is on.

My mom ask me to go outside if I want to study. * yea, I actually brought my books back, and planned to study. * but failed.

cause I ain't brave enough to study ALONE outside.
remember? that house is haunted.

and.. there's bats at night. yea, I don't where those bats come from.

I end up hiding under my pillow, sms-ing! lol.

I love my grandma,
how much I hope I can stay longer,
spend more time with her when I am still able to do so.

damm it, I haven't touch my books for two days already.
* i am a dead meat*

this year mooncake = handmade jelly mooncake by auntie

back to studies xD

thanks for ending those miserable lovelies.

Take a bow - Rihanna

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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