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Date: Sunday, January 11, 2009
Time: 10:49 AM

Carmen's 18th
* i like the make up i did myself today *

Don't frown, because you never know when
someone is falling in love with your smile.


Celebrated Carmen's belated 18th birthday yesterday.
We 1st go to Chianwei's house to bake a cake for Carmen.
While waiting for the cake's recipe from kehui's mom, we colored our nails.

pink. ngenge.
*pure candid*

ahhhh. hiao gilerr.
*pure candid*

and a decent one.

Then, the 3 ladies went out to get the cake ingredients.

Kehui is driving a manual car today, because her car is in service.
It signifying that we are facing some trouble.

Kehui is poor is coordinating the clutch and the accelerater.

and ha, in such a short distance, the car engine died many a few times.

reach chianwei's house.

start the baking process.
my 1st time baking a cake. yea.

chocolate mousse cake.

heating it up.
Then we were all off to bath, dress up and make up.

suddenly, Chianwei's bro shout.
"woi, burnt already!"

*chianwei is bathing*

Kehui :" Nola, not time yet also."
me:" uh, but, black already o."
Kehui :" chocolate cake memang is black one larr."
me:" ohh."

Opened the oven. Chianwei's bro help us to take it out from the oven.

& this is the result.
Chianwei's brother :" you all bake cake, don't know cake burnt, tsk."

We were like ohhh shit.
poke poke poke.
and discover the lower part is just nice.
and so, we chopped of the top part.

and decorated it woth some toppings.

ha, pretty still.

& it tastes really good.

Promised to fetch Carmen out on 5.30pm, but when we leave already 6.30pm.
Carmen didn't know we bake a cake for her, so we lied and said that kehui's car break down.
& might to make it that day.

Kehui having so much problems changing the gear and stuff.

Chian wei thinking of her KENT.

A candid shot of myself.

Kehui said the goverment to enforce another new rules, which is.
" Do not take photo in the car "

fetched Carmen, *she's happy to see us, despite us lying to her*
and then, headed to the Curve.

* Kehui's car engine died A FEW times, yea. *

Reach the curve.

going up. in the lift.

Had our dinner @ Marche, The Curve.

some pictures of the food. just to make your mouth watery.

girls in the loo.

Remember we took a pic in the lift when we reach?
we did it AGAIN. and worst, we actually go up and down a few times, to take more shots. lol.

decent one.

kehui say she wants something different.

& something stupid.
Exclude carmen, can.

On the way back to Carmen's house.

Kehui's car engine died a few times AGAIN.
& she has no sense of direction at all.

Carmen was tuning the radio, and she shouted:" stop, stop, stop!" when it reaches the frequency she wants. and Kehui smartly thought she is asking her to stop. lol.

Still, we got back to Carmen's house in one piece.

Carmen loves the cake.

we were in the same class till form 3.
till, carmen left to aussie.
& the other 3 of us got seperated in form 4.

the princesses of 3budi?

I knew this girl since I am 10 years old.
It has been 8 years in a blink of eyes.

carmen * I am going to throw this to your xxx*
tzia * ah... nonono... *
kehui * ahhhh, what are you doing with my cake? *

and now what's with kehui's expression.
I have no idea.

the kehui, as usual la,
she's always insane.

Chow Carmen, u're officially 18 now.


lady, all the best.

* we have no candles, so we actually use matches as the sub of candles*
brilliant us.

spot us?

us? or wine?

in the end, we decided to go right in front of it. lol.

alright, and here goes the 3 fav pic of mine of the second set =)

p/s - I haven't start study yet. someone,
wake me up from the dreamland. gosh!

tuning to
范逸臣 - 情书

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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