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Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009
Time: 10:19 PM

exam mode

If it makes you smile,
then why would you let it go?


EXAM MODE. 5 papers done, 1 more to go.

business - still fine. but my mid term was bad.
web page design - not so bad.
management - that's the worst paper I ever had. I beg for a B-.
mass communication - haha. no comment.
sociology - subjective, awesome ; objective? dead meat.

# exam mode 1

we should appreciate and get to know well about RUKUN NEGARA.
It's important and useful for us.


" People can live peacefully and stable under the rule of law. Rukun Negara also maintains the deomocratic way of live."

Ok la, maybe not so important to you, but me, definitely.

because, it cames out in exam today. and I missed out this part, hmm, and so, I gonna lost a few marks there. crapss.


Marketing paper will be on next Tuesday.
" I am on the brink of giving out." credits to Joshua.

exam mode during CNY. kns.
location - old town cafe.

Disadvantage of exam -

  • sleepless nights will futher on leads to pretty eye begs, wonderful dark circul, hair fall, dandruft. & night mares!
  • money fly extremely fast.
  • gain weight. I eat when I am stressed up.
# exam mode 2.

why do I think I am stress? (management)

consequences of stress :
(physiological signs) - restlessness, headaches, nausea
(psychological signs) - boredom, anger, depression, anxiety,nervousness.
(behavioral signs) - sleeplessness, changes in eating habits, increase smoking

I had the above all. so yea, I am stress. wtf.

when you stress, you got to eat more. nice food, perhaps, yes?

this was yesterday, went BAK KUT TEH at Puchong instead of Klang *cause dad thinks this particular shop at Puchong is tastier* with Taiwan uncle and his family that loves Bak Kut Teh so much and want to have it before they get back to Taiwan.

p/s - that restaurant name is "yik kei" if I am not mistaken, and the chef cook is a 13 years old boy.

p/p/s - I am not any bakkutteh fans as I hate pork.

this is nice. because it does not has the typical pork smell.

dry bak kut teh.

Went Nando's for lunch the other day, and, I regretted.

I ordered 3 mild chicken wings, and still, it's spicy and I don't think it's nice at all.
It costs me RM9.90++

From then onwards, I keep asking Yeewei and the rest to go makan at YUEN'S STEAMBOAT (opposite sunway) for dinner after our sociology paper.


because they serve tasty chicken wings, you pay only RM22 and you can eat all you want.
but, you will only get to eat chicken wings, if only you are good in RAMPAS-ing and fast enough to scoop things up. yea, people will be all waiting for the chicken, since the restaurant didn't serve much though they will refill it every 30 mins.

after exam, I went to Chianwei's house. bath, at 6pm, yeewei came picked us up.

hot and spicy. the one with tomyam base.

they have got all types of raw material.

but, their seafoods weren't that nice, probably because it's not so fresh.
dumplings and stuff would be fine.

& the chicken wings are finger licking good!!!

uni friends.

# Exam mode 3

sociobiology, gender discrimination.

" many of the cultural traits humans display, such as the almost universal expectation that women will be the nurturers and the men will be the provider, are not learned but rooted in gentic make up. "

this explained why man is always prejudice against woman.


" nah, this is for the girls, guys, self service." said Kent.

food served.

what this two staring at?
hot chics? nah, foods are more attractive for them.

They were focusing on the entrance, see when will the chicken wings serve again.

p/s - we were at the 1st floor and when we reached there's already no chicken wings left.


before the chicken wings are served, look at time, 5 mins left,

" let's stand there and wait."


& thanks to the 3 gentlemen, we got our chicken wings.
they scooped off half of the chicken wings served.

haha, my chicken wings!

mission accomplished!

yea, I ate all of them.
that explained my never-ending diet plan.
p/s - " why you eat chicken wings?!! it's so fattening." said mom when she knows about it.

dessert time.

normal portion.

mine. served by Mr. yeewei. kns.
I failed to finish it. yee wei and chianwei share the portion.

go steamboat buffet with yeewei, he will ensures everyone of you eat more than what it cost.
rm22, you will be eating atleast RM30 portion.

nah, this is Mr. yeewei.
he need some help here.

chianwei and me.
she's sick due to exam pressure.

after that, we went off to Sunway Pyramid.

wow, it's been awhile since the last time I went.
I used to go there 6 days per week, you see. lol.

went to look for Jack, he make me upset.
and so, I gave him pretty body tattoos.

copyrighted by tzia.

last but not least, I did something that the Chinese pantang during CNY.



yea. I cut my hair, myself.

my fringe is too long, I can't stand, and so, I chopped it off MYSELF instead of going to saloon.
because I know if i go to saloon and ask them to shortened my fringe, they will help me to trim my hair, and, my hair will be shortened again. hmmm.

ok, let's say they grant my wish and do what I wish, just trim my fringe. Also, they will be charging me rm60 for that. I am broke. no choice.

spot my eyebegs!

p/s - what's the consequences of cutting my hair during CNY? I wonder.

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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