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Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Time: 10:56 AM

Dear friend, * you know who i mean* the blog that I've post doesn't mean anything. Not as complicated as how you thought. Though our friendship bond no doubt is further and further apart. I miss the time we sit around and gossip, bullying juniors. I love the time when all our girlfriends spend it together, well, including carmen. Unfortunately the precious moment is painfully short. we have homework, scouts stuff and others all done together.we cheer, we laugh, we cried, we strive. & we did all together, that's what matters. I know you were always there for me despite the other 2 I had mentioned. Just, we seldom contact each other anymore, and recently it always had been michelle & shin yee who were there for me. I did not blame you all, cause of busy college life and stuff, I understand. Hmm. We shall keep each other updated, so that we can at least do our part as a friend. =) I'm not angry of you and stuff. You had misunderstand. just so you know.

and those friends that I didn't get to mentioned, especially Mon. I appreciate you all. Really =)

I didn't know my blog post will cause all this.
sorry if any misunderstanding cause.

**credits to CJ*

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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