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Date: Monday, March 3, 2008
Time: 1:47 PM


Rotting at home again.
Read through others' blog.
hmmm. They have got complicated friendship.
change this and that, attitudes, apologize... & whatsoever.
and well, I only adore simple sweet friendship.

Once. I had three good friends.
I shall call them A, B, & C.

A is pretty smart. we was so close and that time that she help me alot in studies. she then got closer & closer to all my friends, and soon when I need her help in studies. she insulted me badly. okie. I admit I'm dumb. and so I didn't bother much. later on, she got clicked on with my boyfriend. they became close friend without me knowing. she telling me relationship sux all the while. and when I broke with that guy because of B. They got together. wtf. I feel like killing her. she kind of betray my trust. and the fucking 'kind' me act like nothing and talk to her like normal. slap me.
Yeah I had kept quiet over those things, but I know she is not my good friend anymore.

B & C. we were like sister since the day we know. we study & have fun together. We stick to each other most of the time. things go on pretty well. Till yeah, I mentioned I broke up with that particular guy because of B right? She told me that the guy doesn't deserve my love. and she had clicked on so well with him. Talked to him about everything and even talk bad about me in front him. and he came to scold me. smart ass. I was damm angry and I ignored her. But I didn't angry her for long, because before I tried to solve it, I already give up. No point angry over it anymore. and so, our friendship faded. C, we have too much misunderstanding before this. complicated. she thinks that I had changed, and I think that way too. and.. complicated friendship doesn't last. She soon got another group of best friends, we still contact each other but we aren't that close anymore. still, the situation between me & C is still the best among all. just, COMPLICATION SUX!

And now.
I got two best pompuans.
who walks in when the rest of the world walk out.
Michelle Lee Tzuann Ee & Lim Shin Yee. =)

I know
michelle since I'm 8.
when we are still small kids. We had training together. But we wasn't good at first. she had her gang & I had mine. We often fight to dominate the playground where we play around after our training session. But somehow, we both started to talk and become best friend. and all of us play together. This is how our friendship start. Our friendship got hot and cold during these years. but till now, we are still best friends. And honestly, we had no argument happened before. She is someone who is there for me and she would rather be in anywhere else. She helps me through all my problems, point me out and even scolded me when I'm wrong and helped me to solve it. She someone who I can seek advices from. She know everything about me, bad and good, and she still likes me. This is how a good friend should be. She got a sweet boyfriend & she never ditch me when I need her. She is effin pretty, sweetly gentle, never mad of me no matter what, support me always*if I'm right la*, influenced me in all ways, good sense in fashion...
- She is my sister, my girlfriend & my sweetheart. I hearts michelle.

And about
shin yee.
To people who know us. Yeah, we wasn't good at first too.
In fact, I hate her. lol. For no reason. yeah, wtf. slap me.
I started to talk to her when we are forced to perform together. and slowly I start to fall for her wtf happy go lucky attitude. and then. We start to hang out often. We study together for PMR & SPM. I SPM, she PMR la. LOL. Even when her PMR ends, she came out just to accompany me to do revision for my SPM. damm sweet yeah. Straight after my fuckin stupid SPM. we hang out together more often without BOOKS. hee. We gossips over everything and laugh like mad. She is always there to lend her ear listen to me crapping. When I need someone to accompany me out, she will always be the one =) Even she need to take bus and sit beside a sting indian fellow. =) She didn't complain even I bring my friends out when having date with her. A friend is a gift you gift yourself. She suppose to be the one I hate and now I adore her alot. This hot babe happened to be my close friend now. and our friendship improved when michelle starts to talk to her. and we three started to go out together.
The power puff girls. WTF. lol.
I love shin yee !!

Good friends are when you know their bad point and good points, but you still love them & accept them.
Good friends are suppose to embrace each other.
and I guess shinz, chelle & I did. right?
You girls are my angel!!
Lotsa of love.

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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