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Date: Friday, August 8, 2008
Time: 2:24 PM

Life in college is never easy.
I had been really busy over 12873891276382 of exams, asignments and presentation.
plus, I am going to UTAR's sports carnival this sunday.
I joined the futsal competition, * no worries, I am just a substitute * and also the Tug-of-war competition.
worst come to worst, ABRSM, my piano practical exam is on next tuesday.
and therefore, I neglected my blog.
- okie, I will definitely regret blogging now. cause my eyes will be tired after blogging and I wouldn't have the mood to practice piano anymore. these so and so, will leads to a bad failed for my piano exam. This is what happened when you do your stuff last minutes. aighh! I don't care anymore. Too many things to do that cause me sleepless. Time to release some stress! -

so, hello earthlings,

Some remarkable stuffs of the week-
  • went to MCQ accreditation interview. pretty fun. Those people are really nice one. and Mr.Wesley has been so good on the particular there. He turned in to our slave some how. And lunch was prepared too. I expect noodles, nasi lemak, etc for lunch. But instead of that, one Large Mcd Mcchicken Set.
  • Went to JinHoong's house to "practice" piano with him, but he kept discouraging me andinue stopping me from continuing my practice. lol. he said I am too stressed up. well, I admit that.
  • Had some talks with King, * a super big size, or should I say, Muscular freak in our lecture class* and yesh! he called me an OBESE!!! No more chubby, not fat, not overweight, but O-B-E-S-E!!! Can i cry? *disheartened* please say me fat instead of obese. Bad day! arghh.
  • Chinese mid-term paper 3. fairly easy. It's just all memorizing stuff. We need to memorize 1 poetry, 1 song jambic verse, 1 tang poem. * it's our choice to choose anyone of it in the poetry, song jambic verse and tang poems* And during exam, we were asked to choose 2 among the 3 and write it out. I chose -










and my favourite..



梧桐更兼细雨,到黄昏 点点滴滴。
这次第,怎一个 愁字了得!

  • English paper. alright, this is pretty hard. The text completion part is still alright, but sadly, there's only one correct answer for each blank, no other answers will be accepted. The error correction part really confused me. It's so hard! gosh!
  • Debate session for computer studies. Me, Joshua and wey herng were the debater. while, Fanny and Emily is the supporter. We won, maybe I should say, we defeated our opponent and got full mark for it. Firstly, it's because we are d debating on the advantages of GPS, where basically GPS has no disadvantage at all. and we got strong speaker like, Joshua.
  • There's an issue between a girl in my class and me, myself. I am just trying to say once again, I am not a faker. yesh, I dislike you being so uncooperative during assignments, WE ALL know you didn't try your best. Instead of doing assignments together you went shopping and all the while you are just entertaining us by submitting us work that got to be re-do. If you had tried your best, we wouldn't say, " you don't deserve the marks we get." I hope you understand. I am faking it when I still treat you good though I dislike your working attitude.I treat you good because I still take you as my friend. How bout you? I treat you as a friend sincerely and you talked bad about me. I am disappointed, girl. You told me what Rubber said. I was so depressed, I feel like crying,but no, I didn't, cause I know I am right. I talked to Rubber and we all now know it's just a misunderstanding. I am not a faker or whatever you call. You ended up to be the one who had been crying for the whole day. I suppose you know there's a number of people that dislike you, don't cry, ask yourself why they dislike you? How had you act all this while. We all are your friends, we love you, and we had spoilt you, we had been pampering you too much. Now, I think it's time for you to realize. I had gone through all this before. dislike by others, cried, and changed, and I know the only one that can help me is myself. I can only say, it depends on you whether you want to change, change to a better person. bless you.
  • Went for futsal. oh. I love sweating!! =D
  • English presentation. I am the leader but I don't have the power to decide for my own presentation. what a joke? Yesh, I agreed that we will do poem recital. But I had said that I want a more interesting one, a more attention catching one. But someone ended up decide the whole thing for me. When I see the poem, I was quite unhappy, It's short, and I think it's neither interesting nor attention catching. On the particular moment, I actually have another suggestion in my mind. but well, who will listen? sigh.
  • dadada... here come the olympic 2008. it's 08/08/08. the open ceremony will be on 8.08p.m.
    Please let my piano exam end faster, then I will be able to stick in front the tv to watch it everyday!!
  • and. ghost festival. I heard lots of chilly ghost stories. and yesh! SMK SEAFIELD is haunted. true enough I heard it from my sister. for more, read JiaShin's Blog.
  • Last but not least, "As a child of God, constantly seeking His approval. As a wife, learning to cope with the perplexities and realities of marriage. As a mother, always giving (I think) my best. As a teacher, humbly seeking to learn, unlearn and relearn." - SMK SEAFIELD's penolong kanan, Pn.Chong's Blog.
  • She has her very own blog. I personally think it's pretty interesting.

till here, got to go back to my piano.

one step at a time - jordin sparks =D

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
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