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Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Time: 11:24 PM


found the one you've given your heart to?
I once hope you would take my heart,
but you refuse to.

Thanks God, you aren't good enough to break it. =)



Had a date with Maggie at Mcd to do some revision for accounts.
As Maggie said she had made an appointment with a "tutor".

I followed Yeewei car to PJ, reached there around 7am.
I had "breakfast" with Travis, Seh zhun at Mcd.

Chit-chatted a few hours with Travis. *emo*
I am nothing, yet I am everything.
you enjoying right now, & I am baring the guiltiness.
How much I hope you are now a better man.

10am, Maggie and Fanny both arrived.
While waiting for our "tutor" that will only reach on 11am.
we gossips gossips and gossips.
Everything seems to be some dramatic yet everything is true,
Luckily, three of us are free from those dramatic story line.
which Fanny said.
" Made it into movie, people will still think it's too dramatic la!"

11am, our "accounts tutor" arrived.

I would like to thanks our " tutor" a lot.
as if it's not you, I will be failing my accounts for sure.

thanks "TUTOR"


* he's a great poll dancer btw*

He's a great tutor, he refreshed everything for us.
Had some problem " connecting " with him at times,
but he's so patience and repeated till I understand. *aww*

All in a sudden,

Fanny :" ei. you all go makan la!"
all of us :" why? you hungry is it? ok la ok la."
Fanny:" no, I want to sleep while you people eat."

Understandable. all of us are awfully exhausted.
I had 2 sleepless night already though I didn't did much revision, God knows why I didn't sleep for 2 days continuously la.

I lied to someone I worked in Mcd yesterday.*shhh*

so to that person,




I am working k?
without uniform it's because they don't have my XXL size. sigh!

group discussion?
*credits to Fanny*

After a few hours of discussion. I got sleepy.
so, I went down to get a cup of Ribenna.

and, I don't know how, I don't know why ..

I popped up with the idea of connecting the straws.
Those people from TB2 said :" aiya. that day we connected till we have to stand on the chair to drink weih!"

Fanny straight went down and brought up a bunch of straws.

the two 1991s start connecting their straws.
and we make it, till it reach the ceiling. haha.

After that, we continue our revision.
Though not much I absorb, but, no doubt I understand the concepts now.

We end the revision session with a gossips session.
Orange said he love the dramatic happenings in my class.

who will be the next drama queen?

there's a stalker outside my house. (behing my house, at the alley)

According to my neighbor he has been stalking into my house for quite some time.
Right at the place I do my revision everyday.
My neighbor said she already saw it for a few times, but this time that fellow is stalking extremly long, so, she came to warn us.

later on, police came. and asked us to be careful. =,="

holyshyt. scary!

wonder why I didn't realize the existence of the stalker?
it's because my house window are tinted.
day time people can't see us from outside.
but when it's night, and when I switch on the light,
I wouldn't be able to see what's happening outside.

My mom is now forcing me to wear long pants at home?

To cute to be forgotten, to good to get over.
what a phrase?

Rihanna - disturbia.


Public speaking was fine though I had make a few mistakes.
I am glad that I can do most of it (90%)

After exam, hang around at AC.
With babe adele, yong hui, Ivan, Chianwei, Yeewei... etc.

Met new people like Joon kit and his friend, and Juan?
Bang into a number of familiar faces there too, like Sean thu, puiteng and friends, Keryi, Voonhee, Irick... blah blah blah.

ahh, I had lock myself up for too long.
I miss hanging out often with girlfriends ku!

del del. that I love a lot.
thanks for spending the 30mins with me.

pink and black?
not planned okie?
fate huh? haha.

take two.

Adele left earlier as she got to rush for her tuition.

I sat with yong hui and Joon Kit till seven++,
and Jason came pick me up for dinner.

Jason is too kind to spend me dinner AGAIN,
despite all the scars I left on his hand. *evil smile*

We had dinner at SS2 wong kok.
He first brought me to KL, wanted to eat wantanmee there, but the stall was closed.
So, i suggested to go to murni. but there's to pack, so we ended up at wong kok.

p/s - I love playing prank calls! haha!

Went to parade after that to get my purple lens from Shinyee.

Oh yea, I got another Job today.
Edwin rang me up and ask me to work for to weeks ( only weekends) at Pyramid Gadgets junction. starting from this Sunday.
Distributing flyers?
The pay is good, same job as what I did at O2, but the pay is much higher.

and October, I will be working with Shin as Umobile promoters on weekends. =)

workaholic? I need cash la!
poor thing.

I am dreadfully tired now.
hopefully I am still able to do a little bit of revision later, as I will be meeting up with Orange tomorrow. *I promised to do revision first before meeting up with him yesterday*

and, Yong hui is picking me up for breakfast with adele and shin tomorrow on 6.30am.

I am a superwoman weih! A robot super woman to be exact!
and soon tranforming into a super panda.

with extremly heavy eye bags + dark circle.
+ 2731982739126481 of pimples.
haha, God bless me!
3 days straight without sleep?

and now, it's already 1.11am, how to wake up on 6am??

p.s. - I have no time for friendster and facebook.
will reply when I am free. sorry!

1973 - james blunt

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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