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Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Time: 10:20 PM


to be love and to be pampered.
vice versa.


My blog was dead for awhile due to my exam.

I had my writing for mass communication paper today, unpredictably, I finished up the paper in about 15 mins? It wasn't too bad I suppose.

The last part is the part where we are suppose to write a story caption about BARACK OBAMA.
I put OBAMA'S VICTORY as the title. Wanted to write that he is the 1st black president in history, but I didn't.

I read a article about him few days ago. He isn't a Black, he's just a black american & caucasian mix. Only his dad is a black. He doesn't even know much about his dad. He was raise up by his european mom and granny. Why didn't we refer him as a european instead of the black since he's nothing to do with the BLACK. Is it that because he has a drop of black american's blood in his body and therefore he could never be a "WHITE"? check out bout the one-drop-rule. however, when one is a mix of europian and asian, one will never be refer as Asian. why is it so? * this is what I read from that particular article * It says, if a single drop of ink was accidentally drop into a bowl of filtered water, that bowl of filtered water will remain unclear forever. and that's why OBAMA is refers as a Black. pretty crazy huh? Does it means that if one make a mistake he/she will be guilty the rest of the life; and nomatter how good/angelic you are, once you make a mistake, you will still be in guilt the rest of your life.

cut the craps, overall, mass com paper, was STILL alright. teehee.

got back my writing for business result yesterday. The highest mark in the whole foundation in arts is 28/40. hmm, mind you, it's over 40, after converted it's on 11 marks. I got 22/40, pretty bad, but I am satisfied. at least, I pass. hee. I hate writing for business seriously. & I thought our lecturer is very good in English, but it's all just konon-nya. My friends refer him as the chui shui master, they told me that he isn't good in English, is just that he has got the accent. *well, he pronounce times new roman wrongly though* My dear wey herng can also speak with those accents. She can even speaks fluently using indian accent. lol.

Went pyramid yesterday, pass over the perfume to Shengyi. Then, yumcha with adele, jeff and yonghui at Kimgary. She said it's time for me to get a boyfriend and settle down. lol. I always want a boyfriend, but it's always the wrong person at the wrong time. I either fall in love and got my heart broken, or broke a awesome one's heart. Never get it right. "to be love and to be pampered, to love and to be hurt?"-tzia's theory. lol. Adele and Jeff left after that because Jeff got to go to work. Yonghui and I went yumcha again at WongKok with ahboy, Nic and Lin*i suppose*. Ahboy work as a beverage bouncer at Kimgary. He went to Wongkok and eventually turn into a spy, making out lots of jokes. I should say, he's crazy yet fun. & He's kind enough to spend all of us. Thank you.

ta kei cheong.

they are super pro in the o2jam look a like game.
I wonder how much they pay to TRAIN. lol.

my "bestfriend". haha.

& I dyed my hair into light light brown.
I brought two box of Loreal's hair dye that cost me rm70, my aunt dye it for me.

i went to college, people called me lalamui, called me kammou.
The color was exactly what chianwei's hair color was. *no offence, girl*

it's actually much more lighter than what you see now.

I dislike the color.
and under all types of distress and persuasion.

gasp gasp. excuse me.
it has been awhile since I last camwhore. hee.


I re-dye my hair.
using HENNA * the natural hair dye * which cost only RM1.50 per packet.

It turns out to be redish brown in color.
& I love the color now.
My friend simply don't believe that I actually spent only rm3 to re-dye my hair. lol.

tuning to - you are so cold, Mariah Carey.

p/s - SELLING DKNY AT RM150 now. ;) anyone?

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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