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Date: Friday, November 7, 2008
Time: 11:26 PM

hold me tight

I'm falling in love, tonight
Somehow, I know
The beautiful world tonight
Is sharing, it's glow


spot any diff in me?
say yes, please.





I spent rm65 at SNIPS for professional hair cut.




a :" got diff meh? waste money only."
b :" ern, not big diff la."

even CJ doesn't notice, he was actually forcing himself to spot the diff.
he said :" ern... straight already?"


people are telling me it is not obvious that I actually had a haircut.

Thanks God Adele knew I cut my hair on the second she saw me.
that's why I love you la babe.
michlee and Ivan realize I cut my hair too. I am so glad.

so yea,
I went SNIPS for a hair cut with SHIN YEE.

wanted to go to A CUT ABOVE.
but heard that SNIPS is better then A CUT ABOVE.
* this statement is only applicable for the SUNWAY branch *

I cut my fringe,
and trim the back + layered it.

my professional hair stylist,
he's great hairstylist.

*haha, no more one eye monster*

the worst part is this hairstyle reveal my whole chubby face.

- You are so gonna love us -

not forgetting my k800.

I got a second hand k800 for only RM300.
i LOVE the camera. <3

Night, CJ came pick me up AGAIN, picked ADELE up from pyramid,
then headed to AC to meet Shinyee for a yum cha session.

keryi and shinyee.
ignore del's hand.

the threesome.
I hearts them.

I am getting closer to you. =)

Ivan and Yeewei joined us later on.

Adele started to crack her extra lame jokes.
& teaching us her own invent super duple lame signs. =.="

and I have got one too.

*in chinese*

"why is christian always better in studies?"
"cause they can't 临时抱佛脚。"

if only you get what I mean. =)

one will never be boring when adele's around. - tzia's quote

& here come MICHLEE.

* i am not showing temper la my dear, just got jealous over Joel. *

best bestie. ;)

p/s - I hate assignments!
p/p/s - I miss MS.SHARON!

boy, thanks for being this cruel to me.
gave me the chance to experience the heart break feelings
that I never had before.

it wakes me up from the imaginary fairytale world,
and I am good without you. :)

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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