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Date: Thursday, February 19, 2009
Time: 4:34 PM

acheive frequency


懂得,爱。 - 这是我的答案,藤井树


I just realize how ignorant I can be. in another word, stupid.

I spent 2 hours getting my new blog skin done, despite I will be having my own site, a brand new site early next week. alright, beside that, I think 2 hours, is fast, perhaps, in compare to shinyee who used up 5 freaking hours to get her new blog skin done. and, I am pretty satisfied with my new pinkish blog skin.

the crazy/insane/stupid part is that I actually spent another 3 hours trying hard to figure out how to change my "acheives" to monthly format.

as you can see, my previous achieves frequency, is in daily format.
many had actually complained how troublesome it is.

and so, I actually asked friends to sent me their html codes, see, see, see... failed.
then, asked many in msn, and they gave me some weird weird answers which I don't understand. so yea, failed.
the very brilliant me even go to friends' website, right click, view source, tried to steal their source.... still failed.

failed failed failed. obviously, I still failed figure that monthly thingy out in the end.

and when I almost give up, yeehou online. try my luck, and asked him if he knows how to change it. and this is our conver :

yes, I guess I just left my brain in the fridge. wtf.

to change the acheive frequency is such an easy job, which can be done in like, 2 mins time? and I had spent f*cking 3 hours to figure it out. gosh!

yours truly

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