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Date: Friday, February 20, 2009
Time: 10:30 PM

why blog?

" is blogging very nice? telling everyone moments of your life, stories, wad you think wad you feel ." my ex-boyfriend asked me the other day.

" blogging is my passion", I thought. & so, I replied him, " well, to express my self and share experience?".

"in my opinion, blog is useless."

"just different perspective of view, to me, it helps to keep tracks of my daily life."

"you can always write your personal diary, instead of a public one."

"maybe I like to share and like to see how will others comment about it."

"haha, no offence, you just like attention."

and that's when I start questioning my self seriously, why do I blog?
is it just for the sake to get attention.

well, I would say, no.
I gain a lot through blogging, attention is one, but that's not everything.
& of course. that's not my intention of blogging.

What caused me to start blogging? Peers’ influence, I would say. I first blog for the sake of it being fun since everyone is blogging; yet slowly, I got addicted. I enjoy expressing myself with words, and sharing my thoughts; at the same time getting opinions and comments from readers.

What so good/interesting about blogging, you might ask.
Blogging require effort and time, why don't do some other things that "you" consider more worthwhile. and now, I will tell you why, through my very own perspective.

  • Through blogging, it eventually improve my writing. I tend to get addicted, and eventually, I write regularly. I learn new words in order to express myself better and to write more effectively. I am not saying that I can write very well now, but at least, much more better than what i used to. I read back my older post, and I got cringe over it. Don't believe, try to read my 1st post, and you will see how lala-fied my English is. ;)

  • I can get something off my chest through blogging. When I am pissed/depressed over certain stuff, I poured it all out in my blog. This is indeed a perfect way to express one aggressive emotion through a socially accepted way. so, why not? It is obviously better than you go give a punch on that fellow face and get sue, right?

  • Comments from the reader, to me, is the most amazing thing about a blog. Readers have different perspective towards things, and this is when various thoughts and voices are gathered, which eventually, I get to view something that I thought is always so as an outsider, rather from only from the perspective of personal experiences and personal biases. In other word, to see things in a new way through a broader lens.

  • Blog arises new ideas. Always when I m short of ideas towards something, I will eventually go blog hopping. Blogger oftens blog about their ideas which had helped me indirectly. Sharing is caring, yes? and, it's a mutual relationship, which both parties gain benefits. why? Cause some of my reader, had thanked me for sharing too. which, unintentionally gave me a huge boost, and motivated me to continue blogging.

  • Through blogging, I met new people. Yes, communicate through comments, sharing ideas and slowly, became friends in real life. This enable you to understand someone better, like, their perspective towards life and often promise a long lasting friendship. Besides, there's also some blogger events that enables you to socialize healthy and get to know bunch of awesome people.

  • Also, by blogging, you can earn your own pocket money. how? log in to nuffnang then you will understand how does it work. Earning money when you are gaining so much benefits, why not? true?

I don't blog for the sake of fun anymore. It's now my passion.

Even on days that I am less inspired, when I though of the readers that will be reading my blog, I will somehow crack something out to blog, (bloggers, I guess that's pretty true uh?) which really motivated me to write regularly. ;)

I know I craps a lot today, but I m just inspired after number of questions thrown to me by my ex-boyfriends. lol. thanks, there. oh yea, I don't blog for the sake of attention. that's for sure.

p/s - Tomorrow, I will be the cat woman. teehee ;)

p/p/s- an update about
Rihanna injuries.

yours truly

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Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
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& a typical pink lover.
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