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Date: Monday, March 9, 2009
Time: 4:41 PM

rebonding random thoughts

p.s. - still, i prefer my ori brown eyes' color.




如果人能選擇自己的記憶,那該多好?”- brother's blog








went to saloon to had my hair re-bonded AGAIN.
as you can see from the previous post, my hair wasn't curly or whatsoever.
it's rather relatively tame and straight, but hell, my hair is not behaving well, it's simply unmanageable.

wk asked me out for lunch, I asked him to pick me up on 12pm. *note - i went to the saloon on 8am sharp. after several times of hair re-bonding experiences, I had expected it to be a time consuming process. I expecting it to used up about 4hrs to complete the whole process.

1st hr...

2nd hr...

3rd hr...

I start getting impatient, because I am still at the steaming process.

4th hr..

which is about 12pm. wk called and told me he has reached.
I had washed off the don't-know-what lotion on my hair, and the hairdresser is then ironing my hair.
when she done ironing, I stand up and thought that I could go already.

but I was asked to sit down again. she said, I still have to apply the neutralizer that is applied to set the bond and stabilize my hair and keep it for 1/2 an hour , rinse it off, then do treatment, and lastly, another ironing process.

i almost faint, no joke.
my ass couldn't stand any longer, i have been sticking to the chair for the past 4 freaking hours.

& wk is waiting. gosh.

5th hour,

the hair dresser did the hair treatment for me, and it has to be kept for 10 mins.

*note - wk has been waiting for 1 hour plus. i feel bad.

that's when, bad memories of mine came back and haunt me again.


I was working @ xxx that time, my 1st ever true love came to find me for lunch.
I supposed to have my break on 2pm, but I am serving some extra ma-fan customer, and that dragged me for an hour plus.

after all done, i went to him, and that's when he started to shout at me.

"fuck you la, I waited for one hour plus."

i got really pissed off but still i apologized for keeping him await.
yet, him being uncool and showing me his tempered.

hell. it's not my fault, i am not allowed to go for break, you see.

"fuck, can you please be more understanding." I said.

he was pissed. and left me alone there with 2 words...
"fuck off."

I don't know whether I am the one to be blame, all i know is that, it left me a scar.
just so you know.


the hairdresser then came to me and rise off the treatment cream, it eventually discontinue me from sudden thoughts of the past. memories that, I never thought it's still in my mind, after 4 years.

yea... the rebonding process took up 5hrs to complete.

Once the whole process is done. I straight jump up from my chair, pay, smile, thank you, walk out, and go into wk's car. apologize for keeping him await, then, go for lunch.

ah koong eating house @ USJ 9

& yea, my hair is obviously much more smoother and straighter. & bouncing? yes. wtf.

this suppose to be an ideal outcome, but me started to complain it's too straight for me.
wtf. yes, I know it's just me being paranoid.
*it happened everytime after my re-bonding.

my mom was like.
'WTH, you straightened your hair, obviously it's going to be straight right?!!"

& when I told michelle that I had just straightened my hair. and she reacted by...

"agaiNNNN?" , "don't go wash it again please."

she knows me the best, she knew that I going to wash my hair within the 3 days time*which i'm not allowed to* just because I think it's too straight. yea.

but michelle, this time, I won't.*promise* ;)

nah, straight hair-ku.

vain ass using webcam to camwhore.
lalalalalala~ ;)

yours truly

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An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
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