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Date: Sunday, April 5, 2009
Time: 12:12 PM

Nuffnang music bash 2009
So it was nuffnang music bash at Maison KL yesterday night.
& I did not win the most-uninspiring blogger award. should I say, thanks, God?

I am supposed to go as Leah Dizon.
Went to FOREVER21 and got myself a lacy corset look a like dress. Didn't turns out good because it doesn't fit on me well.
No choice, that's the only piece I feel that it's a little similar to Leah. gahhhh.

oh yea, before I go further, a warning to all :
this post will be flooded with camwhore photos, so, yea. ;)

*thanks waichun for fetching us there and home.*

poser photo @ waichun's car.

photographers said no smiling in the previous photoshoot.
& this is how I look.

Reach there on 6.30p.m.
There were already people in there.

nuffnang music bash 2009.

free hugs, anyone?

Always, there's only shinyee attending nuffnang events with me.
& this time, the three of us, shinyee, michellelee and I were there. Memorable experience, hun.

the V.V.I.P in my life.

did I mentioned that shinyee went imitating Kate Perry?

There were an ice breaking game before the event started off.

I team up with shinyee, michelle, waichun, jim and the rest as a goup of 8.
The team that win will be getting top shop vouncher. & sadly, we lost.

we were supposed to pass down 3 verse of a song, and the last player will have to sing it out on the stage. Good enough when it cames to me, it's not even half verse of a song. & that explains why we lost in the game. ;) but well, it's still a nice experience, met new people, like, Jim and his sister.

Tim gave a speech and the event kicked off officially.

it started off with Bloggers music jam.

I spotted Andrew, only after quite awhile.
Couldn't blame me much, the make up is extremely thick, you see? ;)

This is the 1st time I actually talk to britney Spears

a group photo.
and. wth, I got chopped off.

& so I requested for another photo together with Andrew and Nigel.

pink lady that look much like the powerpuff girl.
& I love BLOSSOM!!!

Simon with his grey hair.

KY the beach boy.

Jac, the Utarian. ;)

a scene while I am queuing up for food. ;)

Michelle's and my food.

& I didn't expect to see isabella there. but yes, she was there also as Kate Perry.
together with sammie, another Kate Perry.

She doesn't need to dress up much, she simply looks like Ayumi already.

jamiechin also imitating Kate Perry.

the loo.

I love the huge mirror, but I hate the lightings.
macam mana camwhore, you tell me.

Carol, the pretty nuffy.

nicholaschay. *no comment* ;)

new friend, Jason.

Another group photo.

from left, waichun, shinyee, Jim's sis, michelle, Jim and yours truly.

had you seen kate perry's hot & cold mv before?
a more violence version.

the 1st time was at the apartment.
& this is the second time.

jamiechin, bell & tziaaa.

Jamieliew joined us. ;) First time meeting her too.

new friends, Zeus & Hau together with michelle & I.

Games - "burst your lungs"?

whoever that is able to hold the last words of the song the longest win.


Imitating the sexy diva, Beyonce's dance move in Single Ladies.
The guys have to do the same thing too.

He's the best?
No doubt. he dance much better than the girls contestant. lol.

Oh no, the emcee is the best.
Look at the expressions of the audience.

*click to enlarge*

8268264826428642836286 of photographers/bloggers flashing their camera.

The event then continues with the performance by the nuffies.


& dancing. ;)

best impersonater, woest impersonater, best female, best male?

we have got pink, lady gaga, britney spears, eminen, bob? & John Lennon.

Nominators shaking their ass off.

& the best impersonater goes to....

Bob. & he takes home a PS3. omgosh.

The worst impersonater goes to....
huaibin who tried hard to imitate Eminen.

The emcee suggested him to bring real guns instead of the plastic pasar malam guns the next time.

Another new friend I met, Gary, who is also an Utarian.

A great night I had. A great opportunity where I get to meet new friends/bloggers, people that I had been reading their blog before this in real life.
Also, I got to catch up with some others bloggers. ;)
but, I didn't manage to take photo with everyone of them. next time, perhaps.

The male best dressed winner, yatz.

the night is simply Awesome.
thanks Nuffnang, thanks Maxis Broadband. ;)

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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