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Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Time: 5:53 PM

piano, I will soon fall in love with it.
no more exam. hee.

wohoo. I had got rid of ABRSM!
No more piano exam for me.

Went for piano exam today. The examiner is a HE. Thanks GOD I didn't get those blonde fussy female examiner, if not, I confirmed get chase out already. He is freaking nice okay. He somehow guided me a lot at the aural part. and gave me a easy sight reading and scales to play.

but still, I am so gonna fail my grade 8 practical.

- I didn't complete any of my pieces. Not even my second piece which I am so confident that I am able to play well. Though he is very patient listen to me. yet, I chose to stop.
Inner monologue - " craps la. 2nd one also cannot play d, confirmed failing d, ish. dowan play d la! "
- I am too panic, I can't even recall a single thing. Imagine, I can't even play simple scale like D major. It's like grade 1 standard. how hilarious it is. gosh!

put the blame on me. what to do, I hate exam. ABRSM? lol.

No more exam, I will enjoy playin piano! definitely.

I am sofreakingdammextremly relief now!

I am not chosen for NS!
ha, thanks baby chelle for praying for me =)

I am freaking tanned now. thanks to the sport carnival! lol.
If I kena NS. habis la! confirmed turn into Indian d.
This sunday, some 10km run! gonna be darker.
I need some sun block this time.

ohyea, before I chiaoz. Remember that cute guy that play futsal I mentioned in my previous post?
we both actually talked! woots.
He is really friendly! &

He told me he noticed me on that day too. *double woots*

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