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Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Time: 9:50 PM


First of all, my dad bought a new digi cam, lumix panasonic, a 8.1mp one.
I love camera, I love the clear image!
Too bad it belongs to my dad, I shall get one for myself "soon".
It's just too tempting, though I m broke now, but I shall work hard and earn money to get myself a camera.

I'm lovin it!

so please do bare with my camwhore pics.

without flash.

with flash.
I love flash. make me pimple-less. haha.

super SS photos coming soon.

my favourite among all.


& a random one.

Everything seems to be so good these days.
but how long would it last?


If you noticed from the photos above,
I got myself a pair of purple lens.

I am extremlyultimatelysuper hyper today.
I woke up on 6.30am when shin rang me out,
quickly get ready and wait for yong hui to come pick me up.

Basically. we were all late, suppose to go out on six thirty, but we wake up only on 6.30am.
Malaysian timing marr. Yong hui picked Joon Kit up before picking us, the three ladies (me,adele & shin) up. Then, we headed to Juan's house.

Six of us cramp to Juan's car and went to USJ21 for dimsum.

my two sayangest!!
adele & shinyee.

getting insane.

adele dislikes flash!

but we love flash,
haha, colour lens is love weih!
*shin I know you are loving my edit, faster grab *

After eating, we girls, get into the car.

Adele, the driver? nah, she's definitely not.

Shinyee? she doesn't look like one too. haha.

the driver is...
yea yea, you can trust me of course, haha!

drama queens?

we hearts the camera.
& I hearts these two girls.

thanks to these three gentleman (yonghui, juan & joon kit) who spent us dim sum.

After that, Shin and Adele went home, to SLEEP.
yesh, they are pig. lol!

well, actually,
adele reached home around 5am, and she didn't sleep.
shin went swimming till 2am, wtf I know, and she was exhausted.

so, they are forgiven.

I followed the 3 to FTZ.
they dota, I viwawa.


Then, yong hui fetched me to ss14 PJ Mcd to meet up with my friends for a revision session.
Mcd facing short circuit on that time, so we (Fanny, Maggie, Orange & I ) went to Secret Recipe to have some cakes. well, we have to pamper ourself a little after so much stress. *bullshitting*

my favourite.

Went back to Mcd after awhile and continue our revision with oir SIFU/TUTOR.

Mr. Orange.

Does pro people holds pencil this way?
I shall start learning.

Orange straight rushed to another group to help after helping us on our revision.
He's so nice. Thanks Orange.

Fanny went to toilet, I went to switch off the light.
he wasn't afraid, but coincidentally, the door spoilt.
he then started to feel panic, locking inside a dark room/toilet.

We( maggie & I ) went off, Fanny had no choice but to bang the door hardly and yelling for help.
He was still startled after he got out.

I seriously don't know whether I should laugh or sympthy him.
From that second onwards, he started to curse me. haha.


Pj mcd is too noisy, I cant study so I decided to take bus to Parade.
as Parade has a quiet cafe that I am able to do my revision there.

I waited for the bus at the bus stop with Maggie.
she's such a nice friend, that she waited for me till I go into the bus before she get into her bus because she's worry of my safety. ( as there's too many problematic people there )*thanks*

Reached Parade, I looked for Loong.

He accompanied me awhile before I start my revision.
p/s - had prank call session. lol.
I hate accounts. and I am having accounts paper tomorrow. *dead meat*
I asked Michlee out to teach me, & Joel tagged along.


Exams only end on Saturday, and I have two more papers to go.
But, I have already lost the mood to study.

G-O-N-E C-A-S-E!!

Gonna get back to accounts now.


Byebye - Mariah Carey

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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