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Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Time: 1:33 PM

Make me your baby girl

Whenever fate demands me, I will go.
and I am glad that it's you this time.


sorry for the late update, my house is renovating, and I am staying at my aunt's condo for the time being. It's a new condo, and there's no internet line, I can't online.


I couldn't have my blog updated!

dust behind those cupboards.


Went to Pyramid for a movie with Deric.

PLANE OF THE LIVING DEAD. The flight from LA to Paris turns deadly when the body of a scientist in a coffin is infected by virus which later on cause her to turn into a zomby. Basically, the whole movie is about zombies biting human, and human turn into Zombies and bite the others in a flying plane. There's many blood scene which is pretty disgusting+scary.

Oh yea, I personally love the prisoner. He is so cool. haha.

After the movie, I went to visit Adele at PDA ARENA, I will be working there again soon =)

I dressed up a lil diff from what I usually do.
lol. Adele was surprise to see me dressed up like this too.

Nic gave me a nicely wrapped present box.
and these are what I found inside, together with a card.

*speechless* anyway, thanks.



Early morning went to Pyramid and passed my laptop to Nic, he said he will help me to prettify my laptop. *wee~* He lend me his PSP because he is afraid that I would be bored without my laptop, aww, so thoughtful.

Noon, Yonghui came to fetch me to Parade for interview. but, I RUNAWAY.

We then headed to Pyramid AGAIN. Yonghui went for movie with his friends and I went yumcha with Adele, Jeff, Bryan and Melissa. Shinyee, ernest, and keryi joined us later on. and, OMNGOSH, michlee was there too, too bad, she left before I could meet her up. *babe, we need a date! *

my long lost pompuan. lol.
I need a date with all my girls!


Promised joe that I will go to work though I didn't want to work there at all.
Had breakfast with Deric before that, I make him wait for me for an hour plus because I was locked at the condo. so sorry.

Work supposed to start on 11am, but I waited till 12.30 only I saw Joe came to open the shop.
Went in to the shop I text him and asked what I could help, no response.
I asked him what I can help face to face, no response again.

wtf, I can't stand his weird attitude any longer and so, I run away from work.
Irresponsible I know, I am sorry to the boss, but, I have no choice.

Yong hui is so kind that he came to fecth me to Pyramid. =)

Hang out around pyramid, it's effin boring.

camwhore purpose. lol.

Deric came over around 8pm and he fooled me again.
He called me up and said he is busy with his work and he might be late to have dinner with me.
on the very next second, I see him.

Jeff and Bryan came over too. Had dinner with them together with del.

There was conflict between del and I. but I am glad that things are fine now.
You know that I love you. =)


Since I am not working, and I told my mom I'll be working, I decided to followed Del and the rest to Genting.

Reached pyramid around 11am, Nic accompanied me cause the rest that suppose to meet up with me were late. Played pool with him while waiting.

Deric reached around 12.30pm and we headed to AC.

Bad day, I ordered Lemon ice which later on Deric corrected me, saying that it's limau ice. whatever is it, it came out to be "kam kat". yucks! bought papaya, but it seems to be "expired". =.="

Played foos. I am a noob. sigh.

After that, picked Adele up and meet up with Jeff at SS2.
Went up to Genting by Jeff's Waja Evo.

The main purpose of us being there is to accompany Jeffrey to do his shopping.
Shopping at Genting, damm cool right?

The guys.

crazee causa.
all the way up there just for this.

Deric bought it.

We have nothing to do when Jeff is in the fitting room.

green shades?

pink one I prefer.

nerdy specs and lalat shades.
Next stop, PDI.
I bought a red top to match with Adele's red top.

pretty in red.
* photo of the day*

kiss and make up.

After that, we went to CONVERSE.

Jeff doing his shopping again.

and we were not free too,
too busy camwhoring.

acting cute again.
Lunch time. went to HOU MIN.

My pacifier.


the emo boy.
" don't want, don't care, don't want to know."

A baby photo captured by us before we left.

Jeff's car is pinkish.
He even got a baby pink video player.

Del with the pink pillows.

After genting, we went to 1u.
went to ADD-ON, and I pay YUHAO a visit.

Yumcha at wong kok.
then they fetched me back to Pyramid.


I'll lay my love on you.


Nic came to fetch me from my house. Headed to a bubble tea shop.
I spent him bubble tea to thanks him for everything he did for me. * appreciated *

After that, went back to Pyramid, met up with Deric and hanged out with him.

Nic called, and said that my laptop is ready.
He helped me to installed Windows Vista ultimate and downloaded a lot of movies and drama series for me.


Nic sticked my favourite disney character on my latop for me.
ern, it's mickey actually, but well, Deric said it's just the same.

and my keyboard.
aww. *loves*
I had just fall in love with my laptop. =)

Tuesday - SMITTEN

Pyramid AGAIN with the same people.

Deric fetched Adele, Bryan and I to Parade to drop my laptop there for service then meet up with Jeffrey at Pyramid.
Went to Kim Gary AGAIN for lunch. They were saying that I love sitting up straight.

Jeff and Bryan tried to sit up straight too.
looking very "CUTE".
After that, Deric suggested us to go for a movie since we have nothing better to do.
Wanted to watch MAMAMIA but somehow we end up watching the lamest movie, CATACOMBS.

seriously, damm SOHAI. the whole movie is about a prank, and that girl that got pranked end up killing everyone that prank her. In a nutshell, SOHAI la.

Yet, I screamed a lot. when I know it's all about a prank, I felt that I got fooled. *stupid*
thanks GOD, Del was laughing CONSTANTLY beside me, must be Jeff cracked up so silly jokes again.

Too much time, and have ntg better to do?
go watch this movie,
Best movie if you want to waste your time.
trust me.
we then chilled around after the movie.

adele. had been meeting up with her a lot lately.
I love her.

the COOL smoker, Bryan.

The self-claimed most "wai" person, Jeff.
Acting nerd.
( got cig in hand somemore, =.=" )

Deric acting cute. xD

enjoy my poser photo with Deric.

Picked up my brother then rushed home. Supposed to be back by 7pm, but I got back on 7.30pm. thought I would get screwed, but since my dad at home, my mom didn't say anything because she doesn't want me to get scold by my dad.

I know she loves me still. =)

My love - WESTLIFE

yours truly

Tzia Tzia a.k.a Cherlin.
Turns eighteen on this 4th of July.
An attest chocoloate indulger.
& a typical pink lover.
A certified romanticism, exceptionally dreamy and bubbly
Idolize Leah Dizon with an utmost hawt body, and Jaychou's fabulous songs.



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